Man pages for afpt
Tools for Modelling of Animal Flight Performance

air2groundCompute groundspeed
altitude2densityCompute density in International Standard Atmopshere
amplitudeFlapping flight optimal amplitude
BirdBird description
climbing_birdsClimbing birds
computeAvailablePowerCompute available power
computeBodyFrontalAreaBody frontal area from scaling relation
computeChemicalPowerConvert mechanical power to chemical power
computeFlappingPowerCalculate aerodynamic power flapping flight
computeFlightPerformanceCompute characteristics of a power curve
fDfPfunctionsCoefficient for thrust dependency of drag and power factors
findMaximumClimbRateFind maximum climb rate
findMaximumPowerSpeedFinds speed for which power required equals maximum available...
findMaximumRangeSpeedFind maximum range speed
findMinimumPowerSpeedFind speed for minimum power
PowerToFroMechChemConvert between mechanical and chemical power
reducedFrequencyFunction to compute reduced frequency
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