extract.feem: Extract or replace parts of FEEM objects

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Extract or replace parts of FEEM objects


Extract or replace parts of FEEM spectra. Returns FEEM objects unless dimensions should be dropped. When assigning from a FEEM object, requires wavelengths to match and warns if scale factors differ.


  ## S3 method for class 'feem'
x[i, j, drop = TRUE]
  ## S3 replacement method for class 'feem'
x[i, j] <- value



A FEEM object.

i, j

Row and column indices, respectively. As in usual R subsetting (see Extract), may be integer, logical or character vectors, or missing.


Coerce result to the lowest possible dimension (dropping the feem class if so).


An array-like object to assign values from. When assigning from FEEM objects, wavelengths are required to match and warnings are issued if scale factors don't match. Use vector subsetting (zero or one argument inside the brackets) to disable the check.


For [: If drop is TRUE and at least one of the index arguments chooses only one element along its axis, a named numeric vector. Otherwise, a FEEM object.

For [<-: a FEEM object.

See Also

feem, [.feemcube


  (z <- feem(matrix(1:40, ncol = 8), 66 + 1:5, 99 + 1:8, 3))
  str(z[1:4, 1:2])
  str(z[1,, drop = TRUE])
  z[2:3, 4:5] <- feem(matrix(1:4, 2), 66 + 2:3, 99 + 4:5, 3)

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