amExampleData: Data sets to support the tutorials in the supplementary...

Description Usage Format Details


amExample1 High quality data set
amExample2 Good quality data set
amExample3 Marginal quality data set
amExample4 Low quality data set
amExample5 Wildlife data set

Data sets 1 to 4 are simulated. Because the data are simulated, the individual from which the samples are derived is known. This is given in the column knownIndividual, and permits an assessment of how effective the software has been.

Data set 5 is a real dataset from a wildlife population that has been non-invasively sampled. The meta-data has been fabricated. It represents the output from allele calling software.




Data frames with differing numbers of samples in rows, and alleles in columns. Missing data is represented as "-99".


Note how in amExample5 a single marker "Gender" has been combined with diploid loci.

Also note how in all data sets in diploid loci the lower length allele always comes first. This pattern is typical in allele calling software.

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