Man pages for alr3
Data to Accompany Applied Linear Regression 3rd Edition

aisAustralian institute of sport data
allshootsApple shoots data
alr3-deprecatedDeprecated Functions in the alr3 Package
alrWebAccess to the Applied Linear Regression website
baeskelSurface tension
banknoteSwiss banknote data
BGSallBerkeley guidance study
BigMac2003World cities data
blowdownBlowdown data
brainsMammal brain weights
cakesCakes data
cautionCaution data
challengChallenger data
chlorideChloride data
cloudFlorida area cumulus experiment, FACE I.
domedataMetrodome fan experiment
donnerDonner party
downerDowner data
drugcostDrug cost.
dwasteCrock data.
floridaFlorida presidential election
forbesForbes data
ftcollinssnowFt. Collins snowfall
fuel2001Fuel consumption
galapagosGalapagos species data
galtonpeasGalton's peas
heightsPearson-Lee data
highwayHighway accidents
hookerHooker's data
htwtArtificial height and weight data
jevonsJevon's gold coin data
lakemaryLake Mary bluegills
lakesLake zooplankton diversity
landrentLand rent
lathe1Lathe data
mantelMantel's artifical data for stepwise regression
mileWorld records for the mile run
MitchellMitchell soil temperature
MWwordsWord frequencies from Mosteller and Wallace
npdataNorthern pike catch per unit effort
oldfaithOld Faithful Geyser data
physicsPhysics data
pipelineAlaska pipeline
podFit partial one-dimensional, or POD models, based on a linear...
prodscoreSoil productivity
pureErrorAnovaPure Error analysis of variance
randomLinCombCompute a random linear combination of the columns of a...
ratRat data
salarySalary data
salarygovGovernment salary study
segregEnergy consumption
shocksSmall electric shocks in dairy cows
sleep1Sleep in mammals
snakeSnake river data
snifferSniffer data
snowgeeseSnow geese
stoppingStopping distances
swan96Black crappie study on Swan Lake, Minnesota
transactTransaction data
turk0Turkey data, one source
turkeyTurkey data, all sources
twinsBurt's twin data
ufcHeight-diameter data for Upper Flat Creek, Idaho
UN1National statistics from the United Nations
UN2National statistics from the United Nations
UN3National statistics from the United Nations
walleyeWalleye length at age
waterCalifornia water
wblakeWest Bearskin Lake small mouth bass data.
wm1Simple windmill data
wm2Windmill data with direction information
wm3Binned wind speed data
wm4Windmill data with direction information and four reference...
woolWool data
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