heights: Pearson-Lee data

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Karl Pearson organized the collection of data on over 1100 families in England in the period 1893 to 1898. This particular data set gives the heights in inches of mothers and their daughters, with up to two daughters per mother. All daughters are at least age 18, and all mothers are younger than 65. Data were given in the source as a frequency table to the nearest inch. Rounding error has been added to remove discreteness from graph.


This data frame contains the following columns:


Mother's ht, in.


Daughter's ht, in.


K. Pearson and A. Lee (1903), On the laws of inheritance in man, Biometrika, 2, 357–463, Table 31.


Weisberg, S. (2005). Applied Linear Regression, 3rd edition. New York: Wiley, Section 1.1.



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