amen: Additive and Multiplicative Effects Models for Networks and Relational Data

Analysis of dyadic network and relational data using additive and multiplicative effects (AME) models. The basic model includes regression terms, the covariance structure of the social relations model (Warner, Kenny and Stoto (1979), Wong (1982)), and multiplicative factor models (Hoff(2009)). Four different link functions accommodate different relational data structures, including binary/network data (bin), normal relational data (nrm), ordinal relational data (ord) and data from fixed-rank nomination schemes (frn). Several of these link functions are discussed in Hoff, Fosdick, Volfovsky and Stovel (2013). Development of this software was supported in part by NIH grant R01HD067509.

AuthorPeter Hoff, Bailey Fosdick, Alex Volfovsky, Yanjun He
Date of publication2015-06-26 20:09:47
MaintainerPeter Hoff <>

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Man pages

addhealthc3: AddHealth community 3 data

addhealthc9: AddHealth community 9 data

addlines: Add lines

ame: AME model fitting routine

amen-package: Additive and Multiplicative Effects Models for Networks and...

ame_rep: AME model fitting routine for replicated relational data

circplot: Circular network plot

coldwar: Cold War data

comtrade: Comtrade data

design_array: Computes the design socioarray of covariate values

dutchcollege: Dutch college data

el2sm: Edgelist to sociomatrix

gofstats: Goodness of fit statistics

IR90s: International relations in the 90s

lazegalaw: Lazega's law firm data

mhalf: Symmetric square root of a matrix

netplot: Network plotting

plot.ame: Plot results of an AME object

raSab_bin_fc: Simulate a and Sab from full conditional distributions under...

raSab_cbin_fc: Simulate a and Sab from full conditional distributions under...

raSab_frn_fc: Simulate a and Sab from full conditional distributions under...

rbeta_ab_fc: Gibbs sampling of additive row and column effects and...

rbeta_ab_rep_fc: Gibbs sampling of additive row and column effects and...

rmvnorm: Simulation from a multivariate normal distribution

rrho_mh: Metropolis update for dyadic correlation

rrho_mh_rep: Metropolis update for dyadic correlation with independent...

rs2_fc: Gibbs update for dyadic variance

rs2_rep_fc: Gibbs update for dyadic variance with independent replicate...

rUV_fc: Gibbs sampling of U and V

rUV_rep_fc: Gibbs sampling of U and V

rUV_sym_fc: Gibbs sampling of U and V

rwish: Simulation from a Wishart distribution

rZ_bin_fc: Simulate Z based on a probit model

rZ_cbin_fc: Simulate Z given fixed rank nomination data

rZ_frn_fc: Simulate Z given fixed rank nomination data

rZ_nrm_fc: Simulate missing values in a normal AME model

rZ_ord_fc: Simulate Z given the partial ranks

rZ_rrl_fc: Simulate Z given relative rank nomination data

sampsonmonks: Sampson's monastery data

sheep: Sheep dominance data

simY_bin: Simulate a network, i.e. a binary relational matrix

simY_frn: Simulate an relational matrix based on a fixed rank...

simY_nrm: Simulate a normal relational matrix

simY_ord: Simulate an ordinal relational matrix

simY_rrl: Simulate an relational matrix based on a relative rank...

simZ: Simulate Z given its expectation and covariance

sm2el: Sociomatrix to edgelist

summary.ame: Summary of an AME object

Xbeta: Linear combinations of submatrices of an array

xnet: Network embedding

YX_bin: binary relational data and covariates

YX_bin_long: binary relational data and covariates

YX_cbin: Censored binary nomination data and covariates

YX_frn: Fixed rank nomination data and covariates

YX_nrm: normal relational data and covariates

YX_ord: ordinal relational data and covariates

YX_rrl: row-specific ordinal relational data and covariates

zscores: rank-based z-scores


addhealthc3 Man page
addhealthc9 Man page
addlines Man page
ame Man page
amen Man page
amen-package Man page
ame_rep Man page
circplot Man page
coldwar Man page
comtrade Man page
design_array Man page
dutchcollege Man page
el2sm Man page
gofstats Man page
IR90s Man page
lazegalaw Man page
mhalf Man page
netplot Man page
plot.ame Man page
raSab_bin_fc Man page
raSab_cbin_fc Man page
raSab_frn_fc Man page
rbeta_ab_fc Man page
rbeta_ab_rep_fc Man page
rmvnorm Man page
rrho_mh Man page
rrho_mh_rep Man page
rs2_fc Man page
rs2_rep_fc Man page
rUV_fc Man page
rUV_rep_fc Man page
rUV_sym_fc Man page
rwish Man page
rZ_bin_fc Man page
rZ_cbin_fc Man page
rZ_frn_fc Man page
rZ_nrm_fc Man page
rZ_ord_fc Man page
rZ_rrl_fc Man page
sampsonmonks Man page
sheep Man page
simY_bin Man page
simY_frn Man page
simY_nrm Man page
simY_ord Man page
simY_rrl Man page
simZ Man page
sm2el Man page
summary.ame Man page
Xbeta Man page
xnet Man page
YX_bin Man page
YX_bin_long Man page
YX_cbin Man page
YX_frn Man page
YX_nrm Man page
YX_ord Man page
YX_rrl Man page
zscores Man page


amen/R/simZ.R amen/R/simY_bin.R amen/R/circplot.R amen/R/rZ_frn_fc.R amen/R/Xbeta.R amen/R/summary.ame.R amen/R/rZ_rrl.R amen/R/simY_frn.R amen/R/rbeta_ab_fc.R amen/R/simY_rrl.R amen/R/simY_ord.R amen/R/rZ_bin_fc.R amen/R/simY_nrm.R amen/R/rmvnorm.R amen/R/rZ_cbin_fc.R amen/R/el2sm.R amen/R/rbeta_ab_rep_fc.R amen/R/netplot.R amen/R/sm2el.R amen/R/rs2_fc.R amen/R/ame_rep.R amen/R/rUV_sym_fc.R amen/R/gofstats.R amen/R/amen-package.R amen/R/addlines.R amen/R/rrho_mh.R amen/R/rUV_rep_fc.R amen/R/raSab_cbin_fc.R amen/R/rUV_fc.R amen/R/rs2_rep_fc.R amen/R/xnet.R amen/R/rwish.R amen/R/rZ_ord_fc.R amen/R/raSab_frn_fc.R amen/R/rrho_mh_rep.R amen/R/mhalf.R amen/R/zscores.R amen/R/ame.R amen/R/plot.ame.R amen/R/rZ_nrm_fc.R amen/R/raSab_bin_fc.R amen/R/design_array.R
amen/man/rZ_rrl_fc.Rd amen/man/simY_rrl.Rd amen/man/raSab_cbin_fc.Rd amen/man/addhealthc3.Rd amen/man/ame.Rd amen/man/rmvnorm.Rd amen/man/rUV_fc.Rd amen/man/lazegalaw.Rd amen/man/gofstats.Rd amen/man/design_array.Rd amen/man/YX_bin.Rd amen/man/raSab_bin_fc.Rd amen/man/YX_cbin.Rd amen/man/netplot.Rd amen/man/comtrade.Rd amen/man/mhalf.Rd amen/man/simY_nrm.Rd amen/man/sampsonmonks.Rd amen/man/simY_ord.Rd amen/man/YX_rrl.Rd amen/man/sheep.Rd amen/man/dutchcollege.Rd amen/man/IR90s.Rd amen/man/rUV_rep_fc.Rd amen/man/YX_bin_long.Rd amen/man/rrho_mh_rep.Rd amen/man/Xbeta.Rd amen/man/plot.ame.Rd amen/man/rs2_fc.Rd amen/man/zscores.Rd amen/man/YX_nrm.Rd amen/man/addhealthc9.Rd amen/man/rZ_frn_fc.Rd amen/man/raSab_frn_fc.Rd amen/man/rZ_nrm_fc.Rd amen/man/YX_ord.Rd amen/man/rbeta_ab_fc.Rd amen/man/rZ_cbin_fc.Rd amen/man/rZ_ord_fc.Rd amen/man/rs2_rep_fc.Rd amen/man/circplot.Rd amen/man/simY_frn.Rd amen/man/simY_bin.Rd amen/man/rZ_bin_fc.Rd amen/man/coldwar.Rd amen/man/YX_frn.Rd amen/man/addlines.Rd amen/man/sm2el.Rd amen/man/summary.ame.Rd amen/man/ame_rep.Rd amen/man/rUV_sym_fc.Rd amen/man/rrho_mh.Rd amen/man/amen-package.Rd amen/man/xnet.Rd amen/man/el2sm.Rd amen/man/simZ.Rd amen/man/rbeta_ab_rep_fc.Rd amen/man/rwish.Rd

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