Man pages for anchors
Statistical analysis of surveys with anchoring vignettes

allequal.testall.equal with expected outcome test
anchorsNon-parametric analysis of surveys with vignette anchors
anchors.chopit.checkCompound Hierarchical Ordered Probit (CHOPIT)
anchors.chopit.fitCompound Hierarchical Ordered Probit (CHOPIT)
anchors.chopit.parmCompound Hierarchical Ordered Probit (CHOPIT)
anchors.combnCalculate known minimum or estimated entropy for survey...
anchors.dataOrganized data from surveys with anchoring vignettes
anchors.fitted.cpolrConditional and unconditional prediction for censored ordered...
anchors.optionsSet or query anchors() parameters
anchors.orderCalculate frequency of vignette orderings
barplot.anchors.orderBarplot of frequency of vignette orderings
barplot.anchors.rankBarlot of distribution of non-parametric ranks
chopitCompound Hierarchical Ordered Probit (CHOPIT)
chopitsimSimulated Data for test chopit function
convertConvert factor or character variables into integers
cpolrCensored ordered probit
fitted.anchors.rankFitted values of non-parametric models
fitted.cpolrConditional and unconditional prediction for censored ordered...
freedomFreedom of Speech Data
insertInsert DIF-corrected variable into original data frame
mexchnPoltical Efficacy Data
plot.anchors.combnPlot results from anchors( method='entropy')
plot.anchors.rankPlot components of anchors.rank objects
poleffSimulated Poltical Efficacy Data
poleffnaSimulated Poltical Efficacy Data-with NAs, DEMO ONLY!
replace.listUpdating contents of one list using a second list
replace.valueReplaces occurences of a value with another value in set of...
selfcareSelfcare data for China
sleepSleep data for China
summary.anchors.chopitSummary of CHOPIT Analysis
summary.anchors.combnSummary of anchors(..., method='entropy') analysis
summary.anchors.orderCalculate frequency of vignette orderings
summary.anchors.rankSummary of non-parameteric anchors analysis
table1Results from cases given in King and Wand (2007)
table1srcSpecific response values that have inequalities to create...
trim.dataTrim a dataset to have same cases present in an
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