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A Gallery of Animations in Statistics and Utilities to Create Animations

animation-packageA Gallery of Animations in Statistics and Utilities to Create...
ani.optionsSet or query animation options
ani.pausePause for a while and flush the current graphical device
ani.recordRecord and replay animations
ani.startGenerate an HTML animation page
bisection.methodDemonstration of the Bisection Method for root-finding on an...
BM.circleBrownian Motion in a circle
boot.iidDemonstrate bootstrapping for iid data
boot.lowessBootstrapping with LOWESS
brownian.motionDemonstration of Brownian motion on the 2D plane
buffon.needleSimulation of Buffon's Needle
CLELAL09The NBA game between CLE Cavaliers and LAL Lakers on Dec 25,...
clt.aniDemonstration of the Central Limit Theorem
conf.intDemonstration of the concept of confidence intervals
convertA wrapper for the 'convert' utility of ImageMagick or...
cv.aniDemonstration for the process of cross-validation
cv.nfeaturesLDACross-validation to find the optimum number of features...
ecol.death.simA simulation of the death of two species with certain...
flip.coinProbability in flipping coins
g.brownian.motionBrownian Motion using Google Visualization API
grad.descGradient Descent Algorithm for the 2D case
HuSpeechWord counts of a speech by the Chinese President Hu
iatempAverage yearly temperatures in central Iowa
kfcvSample sizes for k-fold cross-validation
kmeans.aniDemonstration of the k-Means clustering algorithm
knn.aniDemonstration of the k-Nearest Neighbour classification
least.squaresDemonstrate the least squares method
lln.aniDemonstration of Law of Large Numbers
MC.hitormissHit or Miss Monte Carlo integration
MC.samplemeanSample Mean Monte Carlo integration
moving.blockCycle through an R object and plot each subset of elements
mwar.aniDemonstration for "Moving Window Auto-Regression"
newton.methodDemonstration of the Newton-Raphson method for root-finding
ObamaSpeechWord counts of a speech by the US President Obama
pageviewPage views from Sep 21, 2007 to Dec 2, 2007 of Yihui's...
pdftkA wrapper for the PDF toolkit Pdftk
pollenSynthetic dataset about the geometric features of pollen...
price.aniDemonstrate stock prices in animations
qpdfA wrapper for the PDF toolkit qpdf
quincunxDemonstration of the Quincunx (Bean Machine/Galton Box)
Rosling.bubblesThe bubbles animation in Hans Rosling's Talk
sample.clusterDemonstration for the cluster sampling
sample.ratioDemonstrate the ratio estimation in sampling survey
sample.simpleDemonstration for simple random sampling without replacement
sample.stratDemonstration for the stratified sampling
sample.systemDemonstration for the systematic sampling
saveGIFConvert images to a single animation file (typically GIF)...
saveHTMLInsert animations into an HTML page
saveLatexInsert animations into a LaTeX document and compile it
saveSWFConvert images to Flash animations
saveVideoConvert a sequence of images to a video by FFmpeg
sim.qqnormSimulation of QQ plots for the Normal distribution
vanke1127Stock prices of Vanke Co., Ltd on 2009/11/27
vi.grid.illusionVisual illusions: Scintillating grid illusion and Hermann...
vi.lilac.chaserVisual Illusions: Lilac Chaser
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