Man pages for antaresRead
Import, Manipulate and Explore the Results of an 'Antares' Simulation

aggregatate_mc_allCreation of Mc_all (only antares > V6)
API-methodsAPI methods
as.antaresDataListConvert objects to antaresDataTable
as.antaresDataTableConvert objects to antaresDataTable
changeTimeStepChange the timestep of an output
copyToClipboardCopy data to the clipboard
dot-writeIniWrite ini file from list obtain by antaresRead:::readIniFile...
extractDataListFormat data PPSE-style
getAreasSelect and exclude areas
getIdColsget Id columns
getLinksRetrieve links connected to a set of areas
hvdcModificationhvdc straitement
isH5OptsTest if opts is h5
ponderateMcAggregationMcyear aggregation weigthed by wd
readAntaresRead the data of an Antares simulation
readAntaresAreasRead output for a list of areas
readBindingConstraintsRead binding constraints
readClusterDescImport clusters description
read-iniRead configuration options from file or API
readInputTSRead Input time series
readLayoutRead areas layout
readOptimCriteriaRead Optimization Criteria
removeVirtualAreasRemove virtual areas
setAliasshow aliases for variables
setHvdcAreasSet hvdc areas
setRamSpecify RAM limit
setSimulationPathSet Path to an Antares simulation
setTimeoutAPIChange API Timeout
simOptionsExtract simulation options
subset.antaresDataListSubset an antaresDataList
viewAntaresView the content of an antares output
writeAntaresH5Convert antares output to h5 file
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