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Tools for Choice Model Estimation and Application

apollo_addCovarianceAdds covariance matrix to Apollo model
apollo_attachAttaches predefined variables.
apollo_avgInterDrawsAverages across inter-individual draws.
apollo_avgIntraDrawsAverages across intra-individual draws.
apollo_basTestBen-Akiva & Swait test
apollo_bootstrapBootstrap a model
apollo_checkArgumentsChecks definitions Apollo functions
apollo_choiceAnalysisReports market share for subsamples
apollo_classAllocCalculates Multinomial Logit probabilities
apollo_cnlCalculates probabilities of a Cross-nested Logit
apollo_combineModelsCombines separate model components.
apollo_combineResultsWrite model results to file
apollo_compareInputsCompares the content of apollo_inputs to that in the global...
apollo_conditionalsCalculates conditionals
apollo_deltaMethodDelta method
apollo_detachDetaches parameters and the database.
apollo_dftCalculate DFT probabilities
apollo_diagnosticsPre-process input for multiple models return
apollo_drugChoiceDataSimulated dataset of medication choice.
apollo_dVdBCalculates gradients of utility functions
apollo_elCalculates Exploded Logit probabilities
apollo_estimateEstimates model
apollo_estimateHBEstimates model
apollo_expandLoopExpands loops in a function or expression
apollo_firstRowKeeps only the first row for each individual
apollo_fitsTestCompares log-likelihood of model across categories
apollo_fmnlCalculates Fractional Multinomial Logit probabilities
apollo_initialisePrepares environment
apollo_insertComponentNameAdds componentName2 to model calls
apollo_insertFuncModifies function to make it compatible with analytic...
apollo_insertRowsInserts rows
apollo_insertScalingScales variables inside a function
apollo_keepRowsKeeps only some rows
apollo_lcCalculates the likelihood of a latent class model
apollo_lcConditionalsCalculates conditionals of a latent class model.
apollo_lcEMUses EM for latent class model
apollo_lcUnconditionalsReturns draws for random parameters in a latent class model...
apollo_llCalcCalculates log-likelihood of all model components
apollo_loadModelLoads model from file
apollo_lrTestLikelihood ratio test
apollo_makeClusterCreates cluster for estimation.
apollo_makeDrawsCreates draws for models with mixing
apollo_makeGradCreates gradient function.
apollo_makeLogLikeCreates log-likelihood function.
apollo_mdcevCalculates MDCEV likelihoods.
apollo_mdcev2Calculates MDCEV likelihoods.
apollo_mdcnevCalculates MDCNEV likelihoods with an outside good.
apollo_mixEMUses EM for models with continuous random coefficients
apollo_mlhsGenerate random draws using MLHS algorithm
apollo_mnlCalculates Multinomial Logit probabilities
apollo_modeChoiceDataSimulated dataset of mode choice.
apollo_modelOutputPrints estimation results to console
apollo_nlCalculates probabilities of a Nested Logit
apollo_normalDensityCalculates density from a Normal distribution
apollo_olCalculates the probability of an Ordered Logit model
apollo_opCalculates the probability of an ordered probit model
apollo_outOfSampleCross-validation of fit (LL)
apollo_panelProdCalculates product across observations from same individual.
apollo_predictionPredicts using an estimated model
apollo_prepareProbChecks likelihood function
apollo_preprocessPre-process input for multiple models return
apollo_printPrints message to terminal
apollo_readBetaReads parameters from file
apollo_saveOutputSaves estimation results to files.
apollo_searchStartSearches for better starting values.
apollo_setRowsSets specified rows to a given value
apollo_sharesTestCompares predicted and observed shares
apollo_speedTestMeasures evaluation time of a model
apollo_swissRouteChoiceDataDataset of route choice.
apollo_timeUseDataDataset of time use.
apollo_unconditionalsReturns draws for random parameters in a latent class model...
apollo_validatePre-process input for multiple models return
apollo_validateControlValidates apollo_control
apollo_validateDataValidates data
apollo_validateHBControlValidates the apollo_HB list of parameters
apollo_validateInputsPrepares input for 'apollo_estimate'
apollo_varcovCalculates varcov matrix of an Apollo model
apollo_varListLists variables names and definitions used in a model
apollo_weightingApplies weights
apollo_writeF12Writes an F12 file with the results of a model estimation.
apollo_writeThetaWrites the vector [beta,ll] to a file called...
dot-onAttachPrints package startup message
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