Man pages for archetypes
Archetypal Analysis

archetypesPerform archetypal analysis on a data matrix.
archetypesFamilyArchetypes family constructor
archetypes-genericsDefined generics
archmapArchetypal maps
archmap_projectionsArchetypal map projections
as.archetypesArchetypes object constructor
barplot.archetypesBarplot of archetypes.
bestModelReturn best model
bodyExploring relationships in body dimensions
coefReturn coefficients
extractExtract method
fittedReturn fitted data
kappaReturn kappa
movieplotArchetypes movies.
nparametersReturn number of archetypes
panorama.archetypesPanorma plot for archetypes.
parametersReturn fitted archetypes
pcplotAdd lines to an existing parallel coordinates plot.
pcplot.archetypesParallel coordinates of data and archetypes.
pcplot.defaultDefault parallel coordinates plot.
predictPredict method for archetypal analysis fits
residualsReturn residuals
robustArchetypesRobust archetypes
rssReturn residual sum of squares
screeplot.stepArchetypesScreeplot of stepArchetypes.
simplexplotSimplex visualization
skelExploring relationships in body dimensions, skeletal...
skeletonplotSkeleton plot.
stepArchetypesRun archetypes algorithm repeatedly
summarySummary method for stepArchetypes object
toyToy data set
weightedArchetypesWeighted archetypes
weightsReturn weights
xyplotTwo-dimensional plot.
xyplot.archetypesPlot of two-dimensional data and archetypes.
xyplot.robustArchetypesPlot of two-dimensional data and robust archetypes.
xyplot.stepArchetypesPlot of two-dimensional data and stepArchetypes.
xyplot.weightedArchetypesPlot of two-dimensional data and weighted archetypes.
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