Man pages for arenar
Arena for the Exploration and Comparison of any ML Models

calculate_subsets_performanceInternal function for calculating data for funnel plot
create_arenaCreates arena object
get_accumulated_dependenceInternal function for calculating Accumulated Dependence
get_attributesReturns attributes for all params
get_break_downInternal function for calculating Break Down
get_ceteris_paribusInternal function for calculating Ceteris Paribus
get_dataset_attributesGenerates list with attributes of a dataset
get_dataset_plotsInternal function for calculating exploratory data anaylysis...
get_datasets_listGenerates list of datasets' labels
get_fairnessInternal function for calculating fairness
get_feature_importanceInternal function for calculating feature importance
get_funnel_measureInternal function for calculating funnel measure
get_global_plotsInternal function for calculating global plots
get_json_structurePrepare object ready to change into json
get_local_plotsInternal function for calculating local plots for all...
get_message_outputInternal function for returning message as plot data
get_metricsInternal function for calculating model performance metrics
get_model_attributesGenerates list with attributes of a model
get_observation_attributesGenerates list with attributes of an observation
get_observations_listGenerates list of rownames of each observation from each...
get_partial_dependenceInternal function for calculating Partial Dependence
get_recInternal function for calculating regression error...
get_rocInternal function for calculating receiver operating curve
get_shap_valuesInternal function for calculating Shapley Values
get_subsets_performanceInternal function for calculating subset performance
get_variable_against_anotherInternal function for variable against another plot
get_variable_attributesGenerates list with attributes of an variable
get_variable_distributionInternal function for variable distribution
get_variables_listGenerates list of unique variables(without target) from each...
print.arena_livePrints live arena summary
print.arena_staticPrints static arena summary
push_datasetAdds new datasets to Arena
push_modelAdds model to arena
push_observationsAdds new observations to arena
run_serverRun server providing data for live Arena
save_arenaSave generated json file from static arena
split_multiclass_explainerSplits multiclass explainer into multiple classification...
truncate_vectorInternal function for pretty truncationg params list
upload_arenaUpload generated json file from static arena
validate_new_datasetChecks if it is safe do add new dataset to the arena object
validate_new_modelChecks if it is safe do add a new model to the arena object
validate_new_observationsChecks if it is safe do add new observations to the arena...
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