RawCopyNumberModel: The RawCopyNumberModel class

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Package: aroma.core
Class RawCopyNumberModel


Directly known subclasses:

public abstract static class RawCopyNumberModel
extends CopyNumberChromosomalModel

This class represents an identity copy-number model which returns the input as is.





Passed to the constructor of the superclass.

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No methods defined.

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Methods inherited from ChromosomalModel:
as.character, fit, getAlias, getAromaGenomeTextFile, getAsteriskTags, getChipType, getChipTypes, getChromosomes, getFullName, getFullNames, getGenome, getGenomeData, getGenomeFile, getListOfAromaUgpFiles, getName, getNames, getParentPath, getPath, getReportPath, getRootPath, getSetTuple, getSets, getTags, indexOf, nbrOfArrays, nbrOfChipTypes, setChromosomes, setGenome

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