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An Arsenal of 'R' Functions for Large-Scale Statistical Summaries

arsenalAn Arsenal of 'R' Functions for Large-Scale Statistical...
arsenal-defunctDefunct functions in 'arsenal'
arsenal-deprecatedDeprecated functions in 'arsenal'
arsenal_table'arsenal' tables with common structure
comparedfCompare two data.frames and report differences
comparedf.controlControl settings for 'comparedf' function
comparedf.tolerances'comparedf' tolerances
diffsExtract differences
freq.controlControl settings for 'freqlist' function
freqlist.internalHelper functions for freqlist
grapes-nin-grapesNot in
internal.functionsInternal Functions
keep.labelsKeep Labels
mdy.DateConvert numeric dates to Date object, and vice versa
mockstudyMock study data for examples
modelsumFit models over each of a set of independent variables with a...
modelsum.controlControl settings for 'modelsum' function
modelsum.familyFamily functions for modelsum
modelsum.internalHelper functions for modelsum
NA.operationsSome functions to handle NAs
padjustAdjust P-values for Multiple Comparisons
pairedSummary Statistics of a Set of Independent Variables Paired...
paired.controlControl settings for 'paired' function
paired.internalHelper functions for paired
selectallMake a column for "select all" input
summary.comparedfThe summary method for a 'comparedf' object
summary.modelsumSummarize a 'modelsum' object.
summary.tablebyThe summary method for a 'tableby' object
tablebySummary Statistics of a Set of Independent Variables by a...
tableby.controlControl settings for 'tableby' function
tableby.internalHelper functions for tableby
tableby.statstableby Summary Statistics Functions
tableby.stats.internalInternal 'tableby' functions
write2.internalHelper functions for 'write2'
write2specificwrite2word, write2html, write2pdf
yamlInclude a YAML header in 'write2'
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