wmwControl: Arguments passed to wmwTest.

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wmwControlR Documentation

Arguments passed to wmwTest.


Creates a list of arguments that are used for algorithm control and output control.


wmwControl(nMC = 10^4, epsilon = 10^(-8), 
   digits = 10, latentOutput = c("mw", "po"),
   removeTieAdjustment = FALSE, ncheckgrid=100,
   rcheckgrid=0.1, Vmethod="LAPH")



number of Monte Carlo replications


small number, used in uniroot for limits. Rarely needs to be changed.


number of digits for rounding. This is needed so that true ties are treated as ties by the computer, otherwise there can be non-trival errors in the p.values


either 'mw' (Mann-Whitney parameter) or 'po' (proportional odds parameter). Describe output of parameter, estimate, and confidence intervals when latentContinuous=TRUE.


logical, should tie adjustment be removed? If there are no ties TRUE and FALSE give the same answer. removeTieAdjustment=TRUE is not recommended, only use TRUE when used with correct=FALSE to reproduce method 5 of Newcombe (2006), see example.


number of elements in the grid for checking after the uniroot call when tsmethod='abs'


range of how far back or forward to look in the checking after the uniroot call when tsmethod='abs'


character to determine the variance function for the asymptotic method. 'LAPH' gives the combination Lehmann alternative and proportional hazards method, and 'PO' gives the proportional odds method Vpo. The methods are nearly identical, but the 'PO' method takes longer, so the default is 'LAPH'.


A list with values of the same name as the arguments of the function.

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