Man pages for asnipe
Animal Social Network Inference and Permutations for Ecologists

asnipe-packageAnimal Social Network inference and Permutation: asnipe
gbiDetections of Individuals Forming Flocks at Bird Feeders
get_associations_points_twCalculate Group Membership using Time Window
get_group_by_individualConvert group or individual data into a group by individual...
get_networkCalculating Weighted Network
get_sampling_periodsConvert group or individual data into sampling periods
gmmeventsInfer gathering events
identified_individualsRaw Observation Data of Individual Birds Feeding at Flocks
indsData on the Individual Birds Contained in the Group by...
LARMean Lagged Association Rate
LRADyadic Lagged Association Rate
mrqap.custom.nullMRQAP function with custom permutation networks
mrqap.dspMRQAP with Double-Semi-Partialing (DSP)
network_permutationPerform Permutation
network_swapPerform one (or more) random swap
print.mrqap.dspPrint function for mrqap.dsp
timesObservation Time for each Flock Contained in the Group by...
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