astro: Astronomy Functions, Tools and Routines

The astro package provides a series of functions, tools and routines in everyday use within astronomy. Broadly speaking, one may group these functions into 7 main areas, namely: cosmology, FITS file manipulation, the Sersic function, plotting, data manipulation, statistics and general convenience functions and scripting tools.

AuthorLee Kelvin
Date of publication2014-09-08 18:25:15
MaintainerLee Kelvin <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

aaxis: Add a Scientific Axis to a Plot

abox: Draw a Thick Box Around a Plot

acb: Add a Colourbar to a Plot

acol: Convert a named colour

age: Age of the Universe

age2z: Redshift of the Universe at a given age

akde2d: Two-Dimensional Kernel Density Estimation (Astro)

angdist: Angular Diameter Distance

angsize: Angular Size Conversion

aplot: Scientific X-Y Plotting

aqbeta: Astro:Beta Distribution (quantile)

astro: Astronomy Functions, Tools and Routines

cardinal: Add Cardinal Points to a Plot

cenang: Central Angle

chicdf: The Cumulative Distribution Function for the Chi-Squared...

chipdf: The Probability Density Function for the Chi-Squared...

chipval: The P-Value for the Chi-Squared Distribution

combrad: Combine Sersic Functions

comovdist.los: Co-moving Distance (Line of Sight)

comovdist.trans: Co-moving Distance (Transverse)

comovvol: Co-moving Volume

concen: Central Concentration

convmu: Convert Between Sersic Surface Brightnesses

convrad: Convert Between Sersic Radii

coscalc: Calculates Cosmological Parameters

ellipse: Calculates Ellipse Coordinates

eta: Calculate ETA of a For-Loop

gauss: The Gaussian Function

get.fitskey: Get FITS Keyword Value From Header

h2re: Scalelength to Half-Light Radius

igamma: The Incomplete Gamma Function

kron: Kron Function

kronrad: Kron Radius

label: Add A Label To A Plot

lookback: Lookback Time

lookback2z: Redshift at a given Lookback Time

lumdens: Luminosity Density

lumdist: Luminosity Distance

nicetime: Convert Seconds into a Human Readable Time

p2chi: The Chi-Squared Statistic for a Given P-Value

petro: Petrosian Function

petroindex: Petrosian Index

petrorad: Petrosian Radius

plotfits: Plot FITS images

put.fitskey: Put FITS Keyword Value Into Header

re2h: Half-Light Radius to Scalelength

read.fits: Read FITS Files

read.fitshdr: Read FITS Header

read.fitsim: Read FITS Image

read.fitskey: Read FITS Header Keyword

read.fitstab: Read FITS Table

scalemark: Add a Scalemark to a Plot

schechter: The Schechter Function

schechter.bin: Calculate Schechter Function Binned Variables

schechter.ellipse: Calculate Error Matrices for a Schechter Function Fit Fit to the Schechter Function

scmean: Sigma-Clipped Mean

sersic: Sersic Function

shade: Adds a Shaded Region to a Figure

shadowtext: Add Shadowed Text to a Plot

solar: Display the Absolute Magnitude of the Sun

strip: Strip Leading/Trailing Characters

writeBin64: Transfer Binary Data To a Connection

write.fits: Write FITS Files

write.fitshdr: Write FITS Headers

write.fitskey: Write FITS Header Keywords

Files in this package

astro/R/concen.R astro/R/lookback.R astro/R/comovvol.R astro/R/solar.R astro/R/get.fitskey.R astro/R/coscalc.R astro/R/write.fitshdr.R astro/R/aaxis.R astro/R/convmu.R astro/R/scmean.R astro/R/eta.R astro/R/age.R astro/R/write.fits.R astro/R/igamma.R astro/R/plotfits.R astro/R/re2h.R astro/R/strip.R astro/R/convrad.R astro/R/chipdf.R astro/R/read.fitshdr.R astro/R/combrad.R astro/R/nicetime.R astro/R/label.R astro/R/chicdf.R astro/R/p2chi.R astro/R/read.fitsim.R astro/R/petro.R astro/R/put.fitskey.R astro/R/read.fits.R astro/R/lumdist.R astro/R/gauss.R astro/R/ellipse.R astro/R/schechter.R astro/R/ astro/R/sersic.R astro/R/age2z.R astro/R/comovdist.los.R astro/R/abox.R astro/R/shadowtext.R astro/R/comovdist.trans.R astro/R/angdist.R astro/R/cenang.R astro/R/h2re.R astro/R/cardinal.R astro/R/writeBin64.R astro/R/acol.R astro/R/angsize.R astro/R/chipval.R astro/R/schechter.bin.R astro/R/schechter.ellipse.R astro/R/aplot.R astro/R/read.fitstab.R astro/R/lookback2z.R astro/R/shade.R astro/R/acb.R astro/R/petrorad.R astro/R/aqbeta.R astro/R/scalemark.R astro/R/lumdens.R astro/R/akde2d.R astro/R/read.fitskey.R astro/R/write.fitskey.R astro/R/petroindex.R astro/R/kron.R astro/R/kronrad.R
astro/man/read.fitsim.Rd astro/man/coscalc.Rd astro/man/re2h.Rd astro/man/igamma.Rd astro/man/aplot.Rd astro/man/angsize.Rd astro/man/akde2d.Rd astro/man/plotfits.Rd astro/man/cenang.Rd astro/man/comovvol.Rd astro/man/acb.Rd astro/man/nicetime.Rd astro/man/chicdf.Rd astro/man/write.fits.Rd astro/man/convrad.Rd astro/man/ellipse.Rd astro/man/lookback.Rd astro/man/shade.Rd astro/man/schechter.ellipse.Rd astro/man/strip.Rd astro/man/chipval.Rd astro/man/sersic.Rd astro/man/petro.Rd astro/man/solar.Rd astro/man/kron.Rd astro/man/aqbeta.Rd astro/man/kronrad.Rd astro/man/petroindex.Rd astro/man/writeBin64.Rd astro/man/h2re.Rd astro/man/ astro/man/read.fitshdr.Rd astro/man/scmean.Rd astro/man/concen.Rd astro/man/shadowtext.Rd astro/man/lookback2z.Rd astro/man/lumdist.Rd astro/man/lumdens.Rd astro/man/p2chi.Rd astro/man/get.fitskey.Rd astro/man/read.fits.Rd astro/man/write.fitskey.Rd astro/man/comovdist.trans.Rd astro/man/acol.Rd astro/man/convmu.Rd astro/man/schechter.bin.Rd astro/man/age2z.Rd astro/man/abox.Rd astro/man/label.Rd astro/man/age.Rd astro/man/combrad.Rd astro/man/comovdist.los.Rd astro/man/astro.Rd astro/man/schechter.Rd astro/man/angdist.Rd astro/man/eta.Rd astro/man/gauss.Rd astro/man/petrorad.Rd astro/man/chipdf.Rd astro/man/write.fitshdr.Rd astro/man/scalemark.Rd astro/man/read.fitstab.Rd astro/man/cardinal.Rd astro/man/aaxis.Rd astro/man/read.fitskey.Rd astro/man/put.fitskey.Rd

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