astro: Astronomy Functions, Tools and Routines

The astro package provides a series of functions, tools and routines in everyday use within astronomy. Broadly speaking, one may group these functions into 7 main areas, namely: cosmology, FITS file manipulation, the Sersic function, plotting, data manipulation, statistics and general convenience functions and scripting tools.

AuthorLee Kelvin
Date of publication2014-09-08 18:25:15
MaintainerLee Kelvin <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

aaxis: Add a Scientific Axis to a Plot

abox: Draw a Thick Box Around a Plot

acb: Add a Colourbar to a Plot

acol: Convert a named colour

age: Age of the Universe

age2z: Redshift of the Universe at a given age

akde2d: Two-Dimensional Kernel Density Estimation (Astro)

angdist: Angular Diameter Distance

angsize: Angular Size Conversion

aplot: Scientific X-Y Plotting

aqbeta: Astro:Beta Distribution (quantile)

astro: Astronomy Functions, Tools and Routines

cardinal: Add Cardinal Points to a Plot

cenang: Central Angle

chicdf: The Cumulative Distribution Function for the Chi-Squared...

chipdf: The Probability Density Function for the Chi-Squared...

chipval: The P-Value for the Chi-Squared Distribution

combrad: Combine Sersic Functions

comovdist.los: Co-moving Distance (Line of Sight)

comovdist.trans: Co-moving Distance (Transverse)

comovvol: Co-moving Volume

concen: Central Concentration

convmu: Convert Between Sersic Surface Brightnesses

convrad: Convert Between Sersic Radii

coscalc: Calculates Cosmological Parameters

ellipse: Calculates Ellipse Coordinates

eta: Calculate ETA of a For-Loop

gauss: The Gaussian Function

get.fitskey: Get FITS Keyword Value From Header

h2re: Scalelength to Half-Light Radius

igamma: The Incomplete Gamma Function

kron: Kron Function

kronrad: Kron Radius

label: Add A Label To A Plot

lookback: Lookback Time

lookback2z: Redshift at a given Lookback Time

lumdens: Luminosity Density

lumdist: Luminosity Distance

nicetime: Convert Seconds into a Human Readable Time

p2chi: The Chi-Squared Statistic for a Given P-Value

petro: Petrosian Function

petroindex: Petrosian Index

petrorad: Petrosian Radius

plotfits: Plot FITS images

put.fitskey: Put FITS Keyword Value Into Header

re2h: Half-Light Radius to Scalelength

read.fits: Read FITS Files

read.fitshdr: Read FITS Header

read.fitsim: Read FITS Image

read.fitskey: Read FITS Header Keyword

read.fitstab: Read FITS Table

scalemark: Add a Scalemark to a Plot

schechter: The Schechter Function

schechter.bin: Calculate Schechter Function Binned Variables

schechter.ellipse: Calculate Error Matrices for a Schechter Function Fit Fit to the Schechter Function

scmean: Sigma-Clipped Mean

sersic: Sersic Function

shade: Adds a Shaded Region to a Figure

shadowtext: Add Shadowed Text to a Plot

solar: Display the Absolute Magnitude of the Sun

strip: Strip Leading/Trailing Characters

writeBin64: Transfer Binary Data To a Connection

write.fits: Write FITS Files

write.fitshdr: Write FITS Headers

write.fitskey: Write FITS Header Keywords


aaxis Man page
abox Man page
acb Man page
acol Man page
age Man page
age2z Man page
akde2d Man page
angdist Man page
angsize Man page
aplot Man page
aqbeta Man page
astro Man page
astro-package Man page
cardinal Man page
cenang Man page
.check.fits.hdr Man page
chicdf Man page
chipdf Man page
chipval Man page
combrad Man page
comovdist.los Man page
comovdist.trans Man page
comovvol Man page
concen Man page
convmu Man page
convrad Man page
coscalc Man page
.dummy.fits.hdr Man page
ellipse Man page
eta Man page
gauss Man page
get.fitskey Man page
h2re Man page
igamma Man page
kron Man page
kronrad Man page
label Man page
lookback Man page
lookback2z Man page
lumdens Man page
lumdist Man page
.make.fits.hdr Man page
nicetime Man page
p2chi Man page
.parse.fits.hdr Man page
petro Man page
petroindex Man page
petrorad Man page
plotfits Man page
put.fitskey Man page
re2h Man page
read.fits Man page
.read.fits.hdr Man page
read.fitshdr Man page
read.fitsim Man page
.read.fits.image Man page
read.fitskey Man page
read.fitstab Man page
.read.fits.table Man page
scalemark Man page
schechter Man page
schechter.bin Man page
schechter.ellipse Man page Man page Man page Man page Man page
scmean Man page
sersic Man page
shade Man page
shadowtext Man page
solar Man page
strip Man page
writeBin64 Man page
write.fits Man page
write.fitshdr Man page
write.fitskey Man page


astro/R/concen.R astro/R/lookback.R astro/R/comovvol.R astro/R/solar.R astro/R/get.fitskey.R astro/R/coscalc.R astro/R/write.fitshdr.R astro/R/aaxis.R astro/R/convmu.R astro/R/scmean.R astro/R/eta.R astro/R/age.R astro/R/write.fits.R astro/R/igamma.R astro/R/plotfits.R astro/R/re2h.R astro/R/strip.R astro/R/convrad.R astro/R/chipdf.R astro/R/read.fitshdr.R astro/R/combrad.R astro/R/nicetime.R astro/R/label.R astro/R/chicdf.R astro/R/p2chi.R astro/R/read.fitsim.R astro/R/petro.R astro/R/put.fitskey.R astro/R/read.fits.R astro/R/lumdist.R astro/R/gauss.R astro/R/ellipse.R astro/R/schechter.R astro/R/ astro/R/sersic.R astro/R/age2z.R astro/R/comovdist.los.R astro/R/abox.R astro/R/shadowtext.R astro/R/comovdist.trans.R astro/R/angdist.R astro/R/cenang.R astro/R/h2re.R astro/R/cardinal.R astro/R/writeBin64.R astro/R/acol.R astro/R/angsize.R astro/R/chipval.R astro/R/schechter.bin.R astro/R/schechter.ellipse.R astro/R/aplot.R astro/R/read.fitstab.R astro/R/lookback2z.R astro/R/shade.R astro/R/acb.R astro/R/petrorad.R astro/R/aqbeta.R astro/R/scalemark.R astro/R/lumdens.R astro/R/akde2d.R astro/R/read.fitskey.R astro/R/write.fitskey.R astro/R/petroindex.R astro/R/kron.R astro/R/kronrad.R
astro/man/read.fitsim.Rd astro/man/coscalc.Rd astro/man/re2h.Rd astro/man/igamma.Rd astro/man/aplot.Rd astro/man/angsize.Rd astro/man/akde2d.Rd astro/man/plotfits.Rd astro/man/cenang.Rd astro/man/comovvol.Rd astro/man/acb.Rd astro/man/nicetime.Rd astro/man/chicdf.Rd astro/man/write.fits.Rd astro/man/convrad.Rd astro/man/ellipse.Rd astro/man/lookback.Rd astro/man/shade.Rd astro/man/schechter.ellipse.Rd astro/man/strip.Rd astro/man/chipval.Rd astro/man/sersic.Rd astro/man/petro.Rd astro/man/solar.Rd astro/man/kron.Rd astro/man/aqbeta.Rd astro/man/kronrad.Rd astro/man/petroindex.Rd astro/man/writeBin64.Rd astro/man/h2re.Rd astro/man/ astro/man/read.fitshdr.Rd astro/man/scmean.Rd astro/man/concen.Rd astro/man/shadowtext.Rd astro/man/lookback2z.Rd astro/man/lumdist.Rd astro/man/lumdens.Rd astro/man/p2chi.Rd astro/man/get.fitskey.Rd astro/man/read.fits.Rd astro/man/write.fitskey.Rd astro/man/comovdist.trans.Rd astro/man/acol.Rd astro/man/convmu.Rd astro/man/schechter.bin.Rd astro/man/age2z.Rd astro/man/abox.Rd astro/man/label.Rd astro/man/age.Rd astro/man/combrad.Rd astro/man/comovdist.los.Rd astro/man/astro.Rd astro/man/schechter.Rd astro/man/angdist.Rd astro/man/eta.Rd astro/man/gauss.Rd astro/man/petrorad.Rd astro/man/chipdf.Rd astro/man/write.fitshdr.Rd astro/man/scalemark.Rd astro/man/read.fitstab.Rd astro/man/cardinal.Rd astro/man/aaxis.Rd astro/man/read.fitskey.Rd astro/man/put.fitskey.Rd

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