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Astronomy Functions, Tools and Routines

aaxisAdd a Scientific Axis to a Plot
aboxDraw a Thick Box Around a Plot
acbAdd a Colourbar to a Plot
acolConvert a named colour
ageAge of the Universe
age2zRedshift of the Universe at a given age
akde2dTwo-Dimensional Kernel Density Estimation (Astro)
angdistAngular Diameter Distance
angsizeAngular Size Conversion
aplotScientific X-Y Plotting
aqbetaAstro:Beta Distribution (quantile)
astroAstronomy Functions, Tools and Routines
cardinalAdd Cardinal Points to a Plot
cenangCentral Angle
chicdfThe Cumulative Distribution Function for the Chi-Squared...
chipdfThe Probability Density Function for the Chi-Squared...
chipvalThe P-Value for the Chi-Squared Distribution
combradCombine Sersic Functions
comovdist.losCo-moving Distance (Line of Sight)
comovdist.transCo-moving Distance (Transverse)
comovvolCo-moving Volume
concenCentral Concentration
convmuConvert Between Sersic Surface Brightnesses
convradConvert Between Sersic Radii
coscalcCalculates Cosmological Parameters
ellipseCalculates Ellipse Coordinates
etaCalculate ETA of a For-Loop
gaussThe Gaussian Function
get.fitskeyGet FITS Keyword Value From Header
h2reScalelength to Half-Light Radius
igammaThe Incomplete Gamma Function
kronKron Function
kronradKron Radius
labelAdd A Label To A Plot
lookbackLookback Time
lookback2zRedshift at a given Lookback Time
lumdensLuminosity Density
lumdistLuminosity Distance
nicetimeConvert Seconds into a Human Readable Time
p2chiThe Chi-Squared Statistic for a Given P-Value
petroPetrosian Function
petroindexPetrosian Index
petroradPetrosian Radius
plotfitsPlot FITS images
put.fitskeyPut FITS Keyword Value Into Header
re2hHalf-Light Radius to Scalelength
read.fitsRead FITS Files
read.fitshdrRead FITS Header
read.fitsimRead FITS Image
read.fitskeyRead FITS Header Keyword
read.fitstabRead FITS Table
scalemarkAdd a Scalemark to a Plot
schechterThe Schechter Function
schechter.binCalculate Schechter Function Binned Variables
schechter.ellipseCalculate Error Matrices for a Schechter Function Fit
schechter.fitFit to the Schechter Function
scmeanSigma-Clipped Mean
sersicSersic Function
shadeAdds a Shaded Region to a Figure
shadowtextAdd Shadowed Text to a Plot
solarDisplay the Absolute Magnitude of the Sun
stripStrip Leading/Trailing Characters
writeBin64Transfer Binary Data To a Connection
write.fitsWrite FITS Files
write.fitshdrWrite FITS Headers
write.fitskeyWrite FITS Header Keywords
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