Man pages for atable
Create Tables for Reporting Clinical Trials

add_observation_columnAdds a column to a data.frame
atableCreate Tables for Reporting of Clinical Trials
atable_compactMore compact formatting than atable()
atable_longitudinalA longitudinal version of atable
atable_optionsSet or get options
atable_options_resetReset atable_options to default
atable_packageatable: Create Tables for Reporting Clinical Trials
check_alias_mappingChecks the output of function create_alias_mapping
check_format_statisticsChecks the output of function format_statistics
check_format_testsChecks the output of functions format_test
check_statisticsChecks the output of function statistics
check_testsChecks the output of functions two_sample_htest and...
create_alias_mappingGet Aliases of column names
format_statisticsFormat statistics
format_testsFormats hypothesis test results
get_aliasGet Aliases of column names
indent_data_frameIndents data.frames
is_syntactically_valid_nameChecks if valid name
multi_sample_htestCalculates multi sample hypothesis tests
replace_consecutiveReplaces consecutive elements
replace_NAReplaces NA
standardized_test_dataA data.frame with standardized random data of various classes
statisticsCalculates descriptive statistics
test_dataA data.frame with random data of various classes
translate_to_LaTeXA wrapper for latexTranslate
two_sample_htestTwo sample hypothesis tests and effect size
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