Man pages for auditor
Model Audit - Verification, Validation, and Error Analysis

auditorDataArtificial auditorData
check_residualsAutomated tests for model residuals
check_residuals_autocorrelationChecks for autocorrelation in target variable or in residuals
check_residuals_outliersChecks for outliers
check_residuals_trendChecks for trend in residuals
model_cooksdistanceCook's distances
model_evaluationCreate model evaluation explanation
model_halfnormalCreate Halfnormal Explanation
model_performanceCreate Model Performance Explanation
model_residualCreate Model Residuals Explanation
plotModel Diagnostic Plots
plot_acfAutocorrelation Function Plot
plot_autocorrelationAutocorrelation of Residuals Plot
plot_cooksdistanceInfluence of Observations Plot
plot_correlationCorrelation of Model's Residuals Plot
plotD3Model Diagnostic Plots in D3 with r2d3 package.
plotD3_acfPlot Autocorrelation Function in D3 with r2d3 package.
plotD3_autocorrelationAutocorrelation Plot in D3 with r2d3 package.
plotD3_cooksdistanceInfluence of observations Plot in D3 with r2d3 package.
plotD3_halfnormalPlot Half-Normal in D3 with r2d3 package.
plotD3_liftPlot LIFT in D3 with r2d3 package.
plotD3_predictionPlot Prediction vs Target, Observed or Variable Values in D3...
plotD3_recRegression Error Characteristic Curves (REC) in D3 with r2d3...
plotD3_residualPlot Residuals vs Observed, Fitted or Variable Values in D3...
plotD3_rocReceiver Operating Characteristic (ROC) in D3 with r2d3...
plotD3_rrocRegression Receiver Operating Characteristic (RROC) in D3...
plotD3_scalelocationScale Location Plot in D3 with r2d3 package.
plot_halfnormalHalf-Normal plot
plot_liftLIFT Chart
plot_pcaPrincipal Component Analysis of models
plot_predictionPredicted response vs Observed or Variable Values
plot_radarModel Ranking Plot
plot_recRegression Error Characteristic Curves (REC)
plot_residualPlot Residuals vs Observed, Fitted or Variable Values
plot_residual_boxplotPlot Boxplots of Residuals
plot_residual_densityResidual Density Plot
plot_rocPrecision-Recall Curve (PRC)
plot_rrocRegression Receiver Operating Characteristic (RROC)
plot_scalelocationScale location plot
plot_tsecdfTwo-sided Cumulative Distribution Function
print.auditor_model_cooksdistancePrints Model Cook's Distances Summary
print.auditor_model_evaluationPrints Model Evaluation Summary
print.auditor_model_halfnormalPrints Model Halfnormal Summary
print.auditor_model_performancePrints Model Performance Summary
print.auditor_model_residualPrints Model Residual Summary
print.auditor_scorePrints of Models Scores
scoreModel Scores computations
score_aucArea Under ROC Curve (AUC)
score_auprcArea under precision-recall curve
score_cooksdistanceScore based on Cooks Distance
score_dwDurbin-Watson Score
score_f1F1 Score
score_giniGini Coefficient
score_halfnormalHalf-Normal Score
score_maeMean Absolute Error
score_mseMean Square Error
score_one_minus_accOne minus accuracy
score_one_minus_aucOne minus Area Under ROC Curve (AUC)
score_one_minus_auprcOne Minus area under precision-recall curve
score_one_minus_f1One Minus F1 Score
score_one_minus_giniOne minus Gini Coefficient
score_one_minus_precisionOne Minus Precision
score_one_minus_recallOne minus recall
score_one_minus_specificityOne minus specificity
score_peakPeak Score
score_recArea Over the Curve for REC Curves
score_rmseRoot Mean Square Error
score_rrocArea Over the Curve for RROC Curves
score_runsRuns Score
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