context("week_start changing")

x <- get_aweek(week = 10, year = 2019, day = 1, week_start = get_week_start())

test_that("change_week_start will throw an error if week_start is missing", {

  expect_error(change_week_start(x), "please provide a week_start")


test_that("change_week_start will not change the object if week_start is the same", {

  expect_identical(x, change_week_start(x, get_week_start(x)))


test_that("change_week_start will de-factorize", {

  xf <- change_week_start(factor_aweek(x), get_week_start(x))
  expect_is(xf, "aweek")
  expect_identical(xf, x)


test_that("change_week_start will change the week_start at will", {

  w <- change_week_start(x, "Wednesday")
  expect_identical(get_week_start(w), 3L)


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