Man pages for baRulho
Quantifying Habitat-Induced Acoustic Signal Degradation

align_test_filesAlign test sound files
atmospheric_attenuationMeasure atmospheric attenuation and absorption of sound
baRulhobaRulho: quantifying habitat-induced acoustic signal...
blur_ratioMeasure blur ratio in the time domain
envelope_correlationMeasure amplitude envelope correlation
excess_attenuationMeasure excess attenuation
master_sound_fileCreate a master sound file
noise_profileMeasure full spectrum sound noise profiles
playback_estExtended selection table with re-recorded playbacks
playback_est_unalignedExtended selection table with re-recorded playbacks before...
search_templatesSearch acoustic templates on test sound files
signal_to_noise_ratioMeasure attenuation as signal-to-noise ratio
spccMeasure spectrographic cross-correlation as a measure of...
spcc_alignAlign start and end of signal using spectrographic...
spectral_blur_ratioMeasure blur ratio in the frequency domain
spectral_correlationMeasure frequency spectral correlation
tail_to_signal_ratioMeasure reverberations as tail-to-signal ratio
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