Man pages for bayesLife
Bayesian Projection of Life Expectancy

bayesLife-internalInternal Functions and datasets of bayesLife
bayesLife.mcmcMCMC Simulation Object
bayesLife.mcmc.metaMCMC Simulation Meta Object
bayesLife-packageBayesian Projection of the Life Expectancy
compute.loessComputing Residuals and Fitting Local Polynomial Regression
convert.trajectoriesConverting Trajectories of Life Expectancy into ACSII Files
e0.coda.mcmc.listConvertion to coda's Objects
e0.diagnoseConvergence Diagnostics for Markov Chain Monte Carlo of Life...
e0.DLcurve.plotPlotting Posterior Distribution of the Double Logistic... Distribution of Gaps in Female and Male Life...
e0.joint.plotJoint Posterior Distribution of Female and Male Life...
e0.mapWorld Map of the Life Expectancy
e0.median.setEditing the Projection Medians
e0optionsGlobal options
e0.parameter.namesAccessing Parameter Names
e0.pardensity.plotPlotting MCMC Parameter Density
e0.partraces.plotPlotting MCMC Parameter Traces
e0.predictGenerating Posterior Trajectories of the Life Expectancy
e0.predict.extraGenerating Posterior Trajectories of the Life Expectancy for...
e0.predict.subnatGenerating Posterior Trajectories of Subnational Life...
e0.raftery.diagRaftery Diagnostics for Parameters of the Life Expectancy
e0.trajectories.plotPosterior Distribution of Trajectories of Life Expectancy
get.e0.convergenceAccessing a Convergence Object
get.e0.mcmcAccessing MCMC Results
get.e0.parameter.tracesAccessing MCMC Parameter Traces
get.e0.predictionAccessing a Prediction Object
get.e0.trajectoriesAccessing Trajectories of Life Expectancy
get.rege0.predictionAccessing Subnational Prediction Objects
get.thinned.e0.mcmcCreating and Accessing Thinned MCMCs
GoF.dlGoodness of Fit of the Double Logistic Function
includeInclusion Codes
joint.male.estimateEstimation of the Joint Female-Male Model
joint.male.predictPrediction of the Joint Female-Male Model
run.e0.mcmcRunning Bayesian Hierarchical Model for Life Expectancy via...
run.e0.mcmc.extraRun MCMC for Extra Countries, Areas or Regions
summary-convergenceSummary of a Life Expectancy Convergence Object
summary-mcmcSummary Statistics for Life Expectancy MCMCs
summary-predictionSummary of a Prediction of the Life Expectancy
write.projection.summaryWriting Projection Summary Files
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