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Miscellaneous Functions for Bioinformatics and Bayesian Statistics

a_hat_mleLikelihood function of the James-Stein shrinkage factor.
allDupsIdentify all duplicates values in a vector.
bayesbiobayesbio: Miscellaneous functions useful in bioinformatics...
cbindFillcbind while converting missing entries to NA.
createStringsCreates random, unique character strings.
ggHorizBarCreate a color-labeled horizontal bar plot in ggplot2.
jaccardSetsJaccard index of two character vectors.
mgsubMultiple pattern gsub.
nearestTimeMerge data frames based on the nearest datetime differences.
nearestTimeandIDMerge data frames based on the nearest datetime differences...
p.adjust.nlpAdjust p-values where n is less than p.
pubmedQueryPerform PubMed queries on 2x2 combinations of term vectors.
subsupDiagAdd values to the super- and sub-diagonals of a matrix.
unequalVarShrinkPerform James-Stein shrinkage estimation using unequal...
weightedShrinkWeighted shrinkage estimation.
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