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Bayesian Time Series Modeling with Stan

aicComputes posterior sample of the pointwise AIC method from a...
AICcComputes posterior sample of the pointwise corrected AIC...
airAir Transport Passengers Australia
as.stanConvert to a stanfit object.
austInternational Tourists to Australia: Total visitor nights.
autoplot.tsAutomatically create a ggplot for time series objects.
autoplot.varstanautoplot methods for varstan models.
auto.sarimaAutomatic estimate of a Seasonal ARIMA model
bayes_factor.varstanBayes Factors from Marginal Likelihoods.
bayesforecast-packageBayesian Time Series Modeling with 'Stan'.
betaDefine a beta prior distribution
bicComputes posterior sample of the pointwise BIC method from a...
birthU.S. Monthly Live Births.
bridge_sampler.varstanLog Marginal Likelihood via Bridge Sampling.
cauchyDefine a Cauchy prior distribution
check_residualsVisual check of residuals in a 'varstan' object.
chisqDefine a chi square prior distribution
demgbpDEM/GBP exchange rate log-returns
exponentialDefine an exponential prior distribution
extract_stanExtract chains of an stanfit object implemented in rstan...
fitted.varstanExpected Values of the Posterior Predictive Distribution
forecast.varstanForecasting varstan objects
fourierFourier terms for modeling seasonality.
gammaDefine a gamma prior distribution
garchA constructor for a GARCH(s,k,h) model.
get_parametersGet parameters of a varstan object
get_priorGet the prior distribution of a model parameter
ggacf'acf' plot
gghistHistogram with optional normal density functions
ggnorm'qqplot' with normal 'qqline'
ggpacf'pacf' plot.
HoltA constructor for a Holt trend state-space model.
HwA constructor for a Holt-Winters state-space model.
inverse.chisqDefine an inverse gamma prior distribution
inverse.gammaDefine an inverse gamma prior distribution
ipcMonthly inflation coefficients from 1980-2018.
jeffreyDefine a non informative Jeffrey's prior for the degree...
laplaceDefine a Laplace prior distribution
LKJDefine a LKJ matrix prior distribution
LocalLevelA constructor for local level state-space model.
loglikExtract posterior sample of the accumulated log-likelihood...
log_lik.varstanExtract posterior sample of the pointwise log-likelihood from...
loo.varstanLeave-one-out cross-validation
mcmc_plot.varstanMCMC Plots Implemented in 'bayesplot'
modelPrint the defined model of a varstan object.
naiveNaive and Random Walk models.
normalDefine a normal prior distribution
oildataAnnual oil production in Saudi Arabia
plot.varstanplot methods for varstan models.
posterior_epred.varstanExpected Values of the Posterior Predictive Distribution
posterior_intervalPosterior uncertainty intervals
posterior_predict.varstanDraw from posterior predictive h steps ahead distribution
predictive_error.varstanOut-of-sample predictive errors
print.garchPrint a garch model
print.HoltPrint a Holt model
print.HwPrint a Holt-Winter model
print.LocalLevelPrint a Local Level model
print.naivePrint a naive model
print.SarimaPrint a Sarima model
print.ssmPrint a state-space model
print.SVMPrint a Stochastic Volatility model
print.varstanPrint a varstan object
prior_summary.varstanGeneric function for extracting information about prior...
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
reportPrint a full report of the time series model in a varstan...
residuals.varstanGeneric function and method for extract the residual of a...
SarimaConstructor a Multiplicative Seasonal ARIMA model.
set_priorSet a prior distribution to a model parameter.
ssmA constructor for a Additive linear State space model.
stan_garchFitting for a GARCH(s,k,h) model.
stan_HoltFitting an Holt state-space model.
stan_HwFitting a Holt-Winters state-space model.
stan_LocalLevelFitting a Local level state-space model.
stan_naiveNaive and Random Walk models.
stan_sarimaFitting a Multiplicative Seasonal ARIMA model.
stan_ssmFitting an Additive linear State space model.
stan_SVMFitting a Stochastic volatility model
studentDefine a t student prior distribution
summary.varstanSummary method for a varstan object
SVMConstructor of an Stochastic volatility model object
uniformDefine a uniform prior distribution
varstanConstructor of a varstan object.
waic.varstanWidely Applicable Information Criterion (WAIC)
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