Man pages for bayesmove
Non-Parametric Bayesian Analyses of Animal Movement

assign_behaviorAssign behavior estimates to observations
assign_tsegAdd segment numbers to observations
assign_tseg_internalInternal function that adds segment numbers to observations
behav_gibbs_samplerInternal function that runs RJMCMC on a single animal ID
behav_seg_imageInternal function that transforms a vector of bin numbers to...
cluster_segmentsCluster time segments into behavioral states
CumSumInvInternal function that calculates the inverted cumsum
df_to_listConvert data frame to a list by animal ID
discrete_move_varDiscretize movement variables
expand_behaviorExpand behavior estimates from track segments to observations
extract_propExtract behavior proportion estimates for each track segment
filter_timeFilter observations for time interval of interest
find_breaksFind changes for integer variable
get_behav_histExtract bin estimates from Latent Dirichlet Allocation model
get_breakptsExtract breakpoints for each animal ID
get_MAPFind the maximum a posteriori (MAP) estimate of the MCMC...
get_MAP_internalInternal function to find the maximum a posteriori (MAP)...
get_summary_statsInternal function that calculates the sufficient statistics...
get.thetaInternal function to calculate theta parameter
log_marg_likelInternal function that calculates the log marginal likelihood...
pipePipe operator
plot_breakpointsPlot breakpoints over a time series of each movement variable
plot_breakpoints_behavInternal function for plotting breakpoints over each of the...
prep_dataCalculate step lengths, turning angles, and time steps
prep_data_internalInternal function to calculate step lengths, turning angles,...
rmultinom1Internal function that samples z's from a categorical...
rmultinom2Internal function that samples z's from a multinomial...
round_track_timeRound time to nearest interval
sample.phiInternal function to sample bin estimates for each movement...
sample.vInternal function to sample parameter for truncated...
sample.zInternal function to sample latent clusters
SampleZAggInternal function that samples z1 aggregate
samp_moveInternal function for the Gibbs sampler within the...
segment_behaviorSegmentation model to estimate breakpoints
summarize_tsegsSummarize observations within bins per track segment
traceplotView trace-plots of output from Bayesian segmentation model
tracksSimulated set of three tracks.
tracks.listTracks discretized and prepared for segmentation.
tracks.segSegmented tracks for all IDs.
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