Man pages for bayesplot
Plotting for Bayesian Models

available_ppcGet or view the names of available plotting functions
bayesplot-colorsSet, get, or view color schemes
bayesplot-extractorsExtract quantities needed for plotting from model objects
bayesplot_gridArrange plots in a grid
bayesplot-helpersConvenience functions for adding or changing plot details
bayesplot-packagePlots for Bayesian Models
bayesplot_theme_getGet, set, and modify the active bayesplot theme
example-dataExample draws to use in demonstrations and tests
MCMC-combosCombination plots
MCMC-diagnosticsGeneral MCMC diagnostics
MCMC-distributionsHistograms and kernel density plots of MCMC draws
MCMC-intervalsPlot interval estimates from MCMC draws
MCMC-nutsDiagnostic plots for the No-U-Turn-Sampler (NUTS)
MCMC-overviewPlots for Markov chain Monte Carlo simulations
MCMC-parcoordParallel coordinates plot of MCMC draws
MCMC-recoverCompare MCMC estimates to "true" parameter values
MCMC-scatterplotsScatterplots of MCMC draws
MCMC-tracesTrace plot (time series plot) of MCMC draws
PPC-discretePPCs for discrete outcomes
PPC-distributionsPPC distributions
PPC-errorsPPC errors
pp_checkPosterior predictive checks (S3 generic and default method)
PPC-intervalsPPC intervals
PPC-looLOO predictive checks
PPC-overviewGraphical posterior predictive checking
PPC-scatterplotsPPC scatterplots
PPC-test-statisticsPPC test statistics
theme_defaultDefault bayesplot plotting theme
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