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This package provides tools for correcting verification bias in the evaluation of a continuous diagnostic test. More precisely, five bias-corrected methods for ROC surface and VUS inference are provided under MAR assumption, i.e., full imputation (FI), mean score imputation (MSI), inverse probability weighting (IPW), semiparametric efficient (SPE) and K nearest-neighbor (KNN) estimator.


Package: bcROCsurface
Type: Package
Version: 1.0-4
Date: 2018-11-07
License: GPL 2 | GPL 3
Lazy load: yes

Major functions are ROCs and vus.


Duc-Khanh To, with contributions from Monica Chiogna and Gianfranco Adimari

Maintainer: Duc-Khanh To <toduc@stat.unipd.it>


To Duc, K., Chiogna, M. and Adimari, G. (2018) Nonparametric estimation of ROC surfaces in presence of verification bias. REVSTAT Statistical Journal. Accepted.

To Duc, K., Chiogna, M. and Adimari, G. (2016) Bias-corrected methods for estimating the receiver operating characteristic surface of continuous diagnostic tests. Electronic Journal of Statistics, 10, 3063-3113.

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