Man pages for bcp
Bayesian Analysis of Change Point Problems

bcpPerforms a Bayesian analysis of change point problems
bcp-packageBayesian Analysis of Change Point Problems
coriellArray CGH data set of Coriell cell lines
fitted.bcpExtract model fitted values
interval.probEstimate the probability of a change point in a specified...
legacyplotPlotting univariate Bayesian change point results
lombardMilling machine indentation data
makeAdjGridCreating the adjacency structure for grid graphs
NewHavenHousingNew Haven housing data
plot.bcpPlotting Bayesian change point results
QuebecRiversQuebec river streamflow data
RealIntUS Ex-post Real Interest Rate data, 1961(1):1986(3)
residuals.bcpExtract model residuals
summary.bcpSummarizing Bayesian change point analysis results
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