Defines functions is_init_gamma_site_model

Documented in is_init_gamma_site_model

#' Determine if x is an initialized gamma site model,
#' as created by \code{\link{create_gamma_site_model}}
#' @param x the object to check if it is an
#'   initialized gamma site_models object
#' @return TRUE if x is an initialized gamma site model
#' @author Richèl J.C. Bilderbeek
#' @export
is_init_gamma_site_model <- function(
) {
  if (!is_gamma_site_model(x)) return(FALSE)
  if (is_one_na(x$gamma_shape_prior_distr)) return(TRUE)
  if (!is_init_distr(x$gamma_shape_prior_distr)) return(FALSE)

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