Man pages for benthos
Marine Benthic Ecosystem Analysis

ambiAZTI Marine Biotic Index (AMBI)
as_acceptedConvert Taxon Names to Comply with WoRMS/TWN
benthos-packageMarine Benthic Ecosystem Analysis
bray_curtisBray-Curtis Dissimilarity
eqrEcological Quality Ratio (EQR)
genus_to_speciesGenus to Species Conversion
get_ambiGet Supplementary AMBI Sensitivity Groups
get_itiGet Infaunal Trophic Index
harmonizeHarmonize Case
hillHill's Diversity Numbers
hpieHurlbert's Probability of Interspecific Encounter (PIE)
hurlbertHurlbert's Expected Number of Species
is_azoicTest for Azoic Samples
is_binomenBinomial Names 'is_binomial' tests for valid binomial names,...
itiInfaunal Trophic Index (ITI)
margalefMargalef Index of Diversity
northseaMWTL North Sea Bentos Data
oosterscheldeOosterschelde Marine Benthos Data
read_ambiRead and Validate AMBI Sensitivity Data
read_beqi2Read and Validate BEQI2 Input Files
read_itiRead and Validate Infaunal Trophic Index Files
read_refRead and Validate Habitat References Files
read_taxaRead and Validate Taxa Data
read_twnRead and Validate Taxa Waterbeheer Nederland (TWN) Data
ryggRygg's Index of Diversity
shannonShannon's Index or Entropy
simpsonSimpson's Measure of Concentration
species_richnessSpecies Richness
strip_spacesRemove Redundant Spaces
total_abundanceTotal Abundance
to_wormsConvert Taxon Names to Comply with WoRMS
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