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Beta Regression

betamixFinite Mixtures of Beta Regression for Rates and Proportions
betaregBeta Regression for Rates and Proportions
betareg.controlControl Parameters for Beta Regression
betatreeBeta Regression Trees
CarTaskPartition-primed Probability Judgement Task for Car...
FoodExpenditureProportion of Household Income Spent on Food
GasolineYieldEstimation of Gasoline Yields from Crude Oil
gleverageGeneralized Leverage Values
ImpreciseTaskImprecise Probabilities for Sunday Weather and Boeing Stock...
MockJurorsConfidence of Mock Jurors in Their Verdicts
plot.betaregDiagnostic Plots for betareg Objects
predict.betaregPrediction Method for betareg Objects
ReadingSkillsDyslexia and IQ Predicting Reading Accuracy
residuals.betaregResiduals Method for betareg Objects
StressAnxietyDependency of Anxiety on Stress
summary.betaregMethods for betareg Objects
WeatherTaskWeather Task With Priming and Precise and Imprecise...
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