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Bayesian Factor Analysis

bfa_copulaInitialize and fit a Gaussian copula factor model
bfa_gaussInitialize and fit a Gaussian factor model
bfa_mixedInitialize and fit a mixed-scale Gaussian factor model, with...
bfa_modelInitialize a bfa model
bfa-packageBayesian Factor Analysis
biplot.bfaDisplay a biplot
coef.bfaExtract samples of implied regression coefficients from a bfa...
cor_sampCompute samples of the correlation matrix
cov_sampCompute samples of the covariance matrix
get_codaGet coda object
get_posterior_loadingsGet posterior samples of factor loadings
get_posterior_scoresGet posterior samples of factor scores
HPDinterval.bfaHPD intervals from a bfa object
mean.bfaExtract posterior means from bfa object
predict.bfaPosterior predictive and univariate conditional posterior...
print.bfaPrint method for bfa object
ratings08Special Interest Group Ratings (2008)
utri_restrictUpper triangular loadings restriction
var.bfaExtract posterior variances from bfa object
woodburyInvert the matrix lam*t(lam)+diag(u) via Woodbury identity
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