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This class provides an interface for games, expansions, accessories and other things listed on BoardGameGeek. The official documentation describes 'things' as every physical, tangible item.See bggAPI for more details on inherited slots and methods.


Although this class is named ‘bggGames', it inherits it’s functionality from the BoardGameGeek XML API2 'Things' (see References). The name is motivated by the fact that the whole BoardGameGeek's site as well as this package is mainly focused on board games.

Super class

bggAnalytics::bggAPI -> bggGames


Public methods

Inherited methods

Method new()

Object initialization.

bggGames$new(ids, chunk_size = 500, params = NULL)

a numeric vector of positive integers, IDs of games/things to include in the object.


a positive integer, the maximum length of a chunk that ids are split into. All chunks connect to BoardGameGeek's API separately, so lowering this number increases computation time. On the other hand if a chunk is too long, URL might be too long to fetch.


a list of object parameters. If not all the parameters are included in the list, default values are used (NULL instead of the list is possible for all the default parameters).
Following parameters are allowed for the bggGames class with default values in parentheses:

  • pretty_names - (FALSE) a boolean value, should the object should use pretty names,

  • stats - (TRUE) a boolean value, should the ranking and rating stats be included for every item. Note that some variables require that stats is TRUE.

Method print()

Print object information.


Method clone()

The objects of this class are cloneable with this method.

bggGames$clone(deep = FALSE)

Whether to make a deep clone.


BoardGameGeek XML API2

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