Man pages for bgmm
Gaussian Mixture Modeling Algorithms and the Belief-Based Mixture Modeling

bgmm-packageBelief-Based Gaussian Mixture Modeling
CellCycleData for clustering of 384 cell cycle genes into five...
chooseModelsSelecting a subset of fitted models
crossvalk-fold cross-validation for the specified model
DEprobsSigned probabilities of differential expression
genotypesFluorescence signals corresponding to a given allele for 333...
getModelStructureModel structure
init.model.paramsInitiation of model parameters
miRNAmiRNA transfection data for miR1 and miR124 target genes
mModelFitting Gaussian Mixture Model
mModelListFitting Gaussian mixture model or collection of models
plotGICPlotting GIC scores
plot.mModelPlotting a Graphical Visualization of a Gaussian Model or a...
plot.mModelListPlotting a graphical visualization of a model or a list of...
predict.mModelPredictions for fitted Gaussian component model
simulateDataDataset generation
Ste12Ste12 knockout data under pheromone treatment versus wild...
toolsSet of supplementary functions for bgmm package
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