binGroup: Evaluation and experimental design for binomial group testing

This package provides methods for estimation and hypothesis testing of proportions in group testing designs. It involves methods for estimating a proportion in a single population (assuming sensitivity and specificity 1 in designs with equal group sizes), as well as hypothesis tests and functions for experimental design for this situation. For estimating one proportion or the difference of proportions, a number of confidence interval methods are included, which can deal with various different pool sizes. Further, regression methods are implemented for simple pooling and matrix pooling designs.

AuthorBoan Zhang, Christopher Bilder, Brad Biggerstaff, Frank Schaarschmidt
Date of publication2012-08-14 13:01:31
MaintainerFrank Schaarschmidt <>

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Man pages

bgtCI: Confidence Intervals for One Proportion in Binomial Group...

bgtPower: Power to Reject a Hypothesis in Binomial Group Testing for...

bgtTest: Hypothesis Test for One Proportion in Binomial Group Testing

bgtvs: Confidence Interval for One Proportion in Group Testing with...

bgtWidth: Expected Width of Confidence Intervals in Binomial Group...

binCI: Confidence Intervals for One Binomial Proportion

binDesign: Sample Size Iteration for One Parameter Binomial Problem

binGroup-package: Statistical Methods for Group Testing.

binPower: Power Calculation for One Parameter Binomial Problem

binTest: Hypothesis tests for One Binomial Proportion

binWidth: Expected Confidence Interval Width for One Binomial...

estDesign: Sample Size Iteration Depending on Minimal MSE in...

gt.control: Auxiliary for Controlling Group Testing Regression

gtreg: Fitting Group Testing Models

gtreg.halving: Fitting Group Testing Models Under the Halving Protocol Fitting Group Testing Models in Matrix Pooling Setting

hivsurv: Data from an HIV surveillance project

nDesign: Iterate Sample Size in One Parameter Group Testing

plot.bgtDesign: Plot Results of nDesign or sDesign

plot.binDesign: Plot Results of binDesign

pooledBin: Confidence intervals for a single proportion

pooledBinDiff: Confidence intervals for the difference of proportions Predict Method for Group Testing Model Fits

print.bgt: Print Functions for Group Testing CIs and Tests for One...

print.bgtDesign: Print Functions for nDesign and sDesign

print.binDesign: Print Function for binDesign Print methods for objects of classes "gt" and ""

print.poolbindiff: Print methods for classes "poolbin" and "poolbindiff" Print Functions for and Extract Model Residuals From a Fitted Group Testing Model

sDesign: Iterate Group Size for a One-Parameter Group Testing Problem Simulation Function for Group Testing Data

sim.halving: Simulation Function for Group Testing Data for the Halving... Simulation Function for Group Testing Data with Matrix... Summary Method for Group Testing Model (Simple Pooling) Fits Summary Method for Group Testing Model (Matrix Pooling) Fits

summary.poolbindiff: Summary methods for "poolbin" and "poolbindiff"

Files in this package

binGroup/R/summary.poolbindiff.R binGroup/R/summary.poolbin.R binGroup/R/sDesign.R binGroup/R/print.sDesign.R binGroup/R/print.poolbindiff.R binGroup/R/print.poolbin.R binGroup/R/print.nDesign.R binGroup/R/print.binDesign.R binGroup/R/print.bgtTest.R binGroup/R/print.bgtCI.R binGroup/R/pooledBinMisc.R binGroup/R/pooledBinDiff.R binGroup/R/pooledBin.R binGroup/R/plot.sDesign.R binGroup/R/plot.nDesign.R binGroup/R/plot.binDesign.R binGroup/R/nDesign.R binGroup/R/msep.R binGroup/R/estDesign.R binGroup/R/binWidth.R binGroup/R/binTest.R binGroup/R/binPower.R
binGroup/R/binGroup-internal.R binGroup/R/binDesign.R binGroup/R/binCI.R binGroup/R/bgtWidth.R binGroup/R/bgtvs.R binGroup/R/bgtTest.R binGroup/R/bgtPower.R binGroup/R/bgtCI.R
binGroup/man/summary.poolbindiff.Rd binGroup/man/ binGroup/man/ binGroup/man/ binGroup/man/sim.halving.Rd binGroup/man/ binGroup/man/sDesign.Rd binGroup/man/ binGroup/man/ binGroup/man/print.poolbindiff.Rd binGroup/man/ binGroup/man/print.binDesign.Rd binGroup/man/print.bgtDesign.Rd binGroup/man/print.bgt.Rd binGroup/man/ binGroup/man/pooledBinDiff.Rd binGroup/man/pooledBin.Rd binGroup/man/plot.binDesign.Rd binGroup/man/plot.bgtDesign.Rd binGroup/man/nDesign.Rd binGroup/man/hivsurv.Rd binGroup/man/gtreg.Rd binGroup/man/ binGroup/man/gtreg.halving.Rd binGroup/man/gt.control.Rd binGroup/man/estDesign.Rd binGroup/man/binWidth.Rd binGroup/man/binTest.Rd binGroup/man/binPower.Rd binGroup/man/binGroup-package.Rd binGroup/man/binDesign.Rd binGroup/man/binCI.Rd binGroup/man/bgtWidth.Rd binGroup/man/bgtvs.Rd binGroup/man/bgtTest.Rd binGroup/man/bgtPower.Rd binGroup/man/bgtCI.Rd

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