Man pages for binGroup
Evaluation and Experimental Design for Binomial Group Testing

bgtCIConfidence Intervals for One Proportion in Binomial Group...
bgtPowerPower to Reject a Hypothesis in Binomial Group Testing for...
bgtTestHypothesis Test for One Proportion in Binomial Group Testing
bgtvsConfidence Interval for One Proportion in Group Testing with...
bgtWidthExpected Width of Confidence Intervals in Binomial Group...
binCIConfidence Intervals for One Binomial Proportion
binDesignSample Size Iteration for One Parameter Binomial Problem
binGroup-packageStatistical Methods for Group Testing.
binPowerPower Calculation for One Parameter Binomial Problem
binTestHypothesis tests for One Binomial Proportion
binWidthExpected Confidence Interval Width for One Binomial...
estDesignSample Size Iteration Depending on Minimal MSE in...
gt.controlAuxiliary for Controlling Group Testing Regression
gtregFitting Group Testing Models
gtreg.halvingFitting Group Testing Models Under the Halving Protocol
gtreg.mpFitting Group Testing Models in Matrix Pooling Setting
hivsurvData from an HIV surveillance project
Inf.ArrayInformative array testing without master pooling
Inf.D3Informative three-stage hierarchical testing
Inf.DorfInformative two-stage hierarchical (Dorfman) testing
nDesignIterate Sample Size in One Parameter Group Testing
NI.A2MNon-informative array testing with master pooling
NI.ArrayNon-informative array testing without master pooling
NI.D3Non-informative three-stage hierarchical testing
NI.DorfNon-informative two-stage hierarchical testing
OTCFind the optimal testing configuration for standard group...
plot.bgtDesignPlot Results of nDesign or sDesign
plot.binDesignPlot Results of binDesign
plot.poolbinDiagnostic line fit for pool.bin objects
pooledBinConfidence intervals for a single proportion
pooledBinDiffConfidence intervals for the difference of proportions
predict.gtPredict Method for Group Testing Model Fits
print.bgtPrint Functions for Group Testing CIs and Tests for One...
print.bgtDesignPrint Functions for nDesign and sDesign
print.binDesignPrint Function for binDesign
print.gtPrint methods for objects of classes "gt" and ""
print.poolbindiffPrint methods for classes "poolbin" and "poolbindiff" Functions for and
residuals.gtExtract Model Residuals From a Fitted Group Testing Model
sDesignIterate Group Size for a One-Parameter Group Testing Problem
sim.gtSimulation Function for Group Testing Data
sim.halvingSimulation Function for Group Testing Data for the Halving...
sim.mpSimulation Function for Group Testing Data with Matrix...
summary.gtSummary Method for Group Testing Model (Simple Pooling) Fits Method for Group Testing Model (Matrix Pooling) Fits
summary.poolbindiffSummary methods for "poolbin" and "poolbindiff"
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