Man pages for binseqtest
Exact Binary Sequential Designs and Analysis

analyzeBoundNBFMethods for calculating estimates, confidence intervals, and...
analyze-methodsCalculate estimates, confidence intervals and p-values from...
binseqtest-internalInternal functions
binseqtest-packageBinary sequential tests
bound-classClasses for binary sequential boundaries
designOBFDesign Sequential Binary Boundary
ENExpected sample size for boundary.
getTSalphaTwo-sided alpha, alternative, and confidence level
modifyModify binary sequential boundary
plot-methodsMethods for Function 'plot' and 'points' in Package...
powerBsbPower for binary sequential boundary
prStopProbabilty of Stopping
stopTableCreate data frame with statistics for stopping boundary
summary-methodsMethods for Function 'summary' in Package 'binseqtest'
unirootDiscreteIdentify where a non-increasing function changes sign
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