Man pages for biogas
Process Biogas Data and Predict Biogas Production

calcCODCalculate Oxygen Demand
compMethane Content of Biogas
comp2Methane Content of Biogas
cumBgCalculate Cumulative Biogas Production
interpInterpolate Biogas Composition or Cumulative Production
massMass Change of Batch Reactors
mass2volCalculate Biogas Production Gravimetrically
masswMass Change of Batch Reactors
molMassCalculate Molar Mass of Compound
planBMPClaculate Inoculum and Substrate Mass for BMP Experiments
predBgPredict Biogas Production
s3complMethane Content of Biogas from Batch Reactors
s3compwMethane Content of Biogas from Batch Reactors
s3lcomboBiogas Volume and Methane Content from Batch Bottles
s3vollBiogas Volume from Batch Bottles
s3volwBiogas Volume from Batch Reactors
setupSetup Details for Batch Reactors
setup2Setup Details for Some Batch Reactors
stdVolCorrect Gas Volume to 'Standard' Conditions
strawCompMethane Content of Biogas
strawMassMass Change of Batch Reactors
strawPressureHeadspace Pressure in Batch Reactors
strawSetupSetup Details for Batch Reactors
summBgSummarise and Normalise Cumulative Methane Production
volBiogas Volume from Batch Reactors
vol2Biogas Volume from Batch Reactors
vol2massCalculate Mass of Biogas
vol2molCalculate Moles of a Gas
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