biogeo: Point Data Quality Assessment and Coordinate Conversion

Functions for error detection and correction in point data quality datasets that are used in species distribution modelling. Includes functions for parsing and converting coordinates into decimal degrees from various formats.

AuthorMark Robertson
Date of publication2016-04-08 10:43:59
MaintainerMark P. Robertson <>
LicenseGPL (>= 3)

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Man pages

addmainfields: Adds required fields to a dataframe containing coordinates...

alternatives: Determine where an incorrect point record should be placed by...

alternatives2: Determine where an incorrect point record should be placed by...

alternativesenv: Determine where an incorrect point record should be placed by...

biogeo-package: Point data quality assessment and coordinate conversion

checkdatastr: Checks data structure

coord2numeric: Converts coordinates that are factors into numeric values

dat: Species collection records dataset

datm: A dataset for a marine species

dd2dmslat: Convert decimal degree coordinates for latitude into degrees,...

dd2dmslong: Convert decimal degree coordinates for longitude into...

dem: Digital elevation model 10 minute spatial resolution

dms2dd: Converts coordinates in degrees, minutes, seconds into...

dmsabs: Separates a coordinate string into degrees, minutes and...

dmsparse: Parse coordinate strings into separate degree, minute and...

dmsparsefmt: Parse coordinate string using a format string

duplicatesexclude: Exclude duplicate point records per species per grid cell

edat: Species collection records dataset and environmental...

elevcheck: Elevation check

env2stack: Read environmental variable rasters

errorcheck: Identifies errors in a dataset of point records

fieldsmissing: Determines whether any of the required fields are missing...

finddecimals: Find coordinates that are in decimal degrees

fmtcheck: Coordinate string format check

gbifdat: A dataset of records from GBIF

geo2envid: Interactive plot to explore points in geographical and...

geo2envpca: Interactive plot to explore points in geographical and...

getextent: Get the extent of an object

getformat: Get formats of coordinates

getletter: Find letters in coordinates

keepmainfields: Keep main fields in a dataframe.

missingcoords: Finds indices of records in a dataset where the coordinates...

missingvalsexclude: Excludes records with missing values for points

modified: Identify records that were modified between two dates

modifiedtoday: Identify records that were modified today

msk60: msk60

nearestcell: Assigns points that fall into the sea to the centre of the...

outliers: Detects outliers using values extracted from an environmental...

parsecoords: Parse coordinates into separate fields

places: A dataset of localities

plotsetup: Produces devices for plotting

points2shape: Save data to a points shape file

pointsworld: Plots point records on a world map using their latitude and...

precisioncheck: Check the precision of the coordinates

precisionenv: Check precision of records

quickclean: Automated data cleaning

quickrich: Perform error checks and produce richness map

renamefields: Rename particular fields in a dataframe

richness: Produced a species richness map

richnessmap: Map of the number of species or number of records per grid...

rjack: Outlier detection using the Reverse Jackknife

sep: Separate coordinates into degrees, minutes and seconds

speciescount: Count number of records per species

substddmm: Swap degrees and minutes in a coordinate

uniqueformats: List unique coordinate formats

wclim: Returns Worldclim bioclimatic variable names

world: World country polygons


addmainfields Man page
alternatives Man page
alternatives2 Man page
alternativesenv Man page
biogeo Man page
biogeo-package Man page
checkdatastr Man page
coord2numeric Man page
dat Man page
datm Man page
dd2dmslat Man page
dd2dmslong Man page
dem Man page
dms2dd Man page
dmsabs Man page
dmsparse Man page
dmsparsefmt Man page
duplicatesexclude Man page
edat Man page
elevcheck Man page
env2stack Man page
errorcheck Man page
fieldsmissing Man page
finddecimals Man page
fmtcheck Man page
gbifdat Man page
geo2envid Man page
geo2envpca Man page
getextent Man page
getformat Man page
getletter Man page
keepmainfields Man page
missingcoords Man page
missingvalsexclude Man page
modified Man page
modifiedtoday Man page
msk60 Man page
nearestcell Man page
outliers Man page
parsecoords Man page
places Man page
plotsetup Man page
points2shape Man page
pointsworld Man page
precisioncheck Man page
precisionenv Man page
quickclean Man page
quickrich Man page
renamefields Man page
richness Man page
richnessmap Man page
rjack Man page
sep Man page
speciescount Man page
substddmm Man page
uniqueformats Man page
wclim Man page
world Man page


biogeo/R/checkdatastr.R biogeo/R/plotsetup.R biogeo/R/dd2dmslat.R biogeo/R/precisionenv.R biogeo/R/coord2numeric.R biogeo/R/dmsparsefmt.R biogeo/R/uniqueformats.R biogeo/R/alternatives.R biogeo/R/outliers.R biogeo/R/fmtcheck.R biogeo/R/points2shape.R biogeo/R/addmainfields.R biogeo/R/missingvalsexclude.R biogeo/R/geo2envpca.R biogeo/R/nearestcell.R biogeo/R/richnessmap.R biogeo/R/getformat.R biogeo/R/geo2envid.R biogeo/R/sep.R biogeo/R/finddecimals.R biogeo/R/dms2dd.R biogeo/R/precisioncheck.R biogeo/R/parsecoords.R biogeo/R/alternativesenv.R biogeo/R/rjack.R biogeo/R/elevcheck.R biogeo/R/renamefields.R biogeo/R/getextent.R biogeo/R/env2stack.R biogeo/R/alternatives2.R biogeo/R/pointsworld.R biogeo/R/quickrich.R biogeo/R/modified.R biogeo/R/modifiedtoday.R biogeo/R/dd2dmslong.R biogeo/R/missingcoords.R biogeo/R/speciescount.R biogeo/R/getletter.R biogeo/R/keepmainfields.R biogeo/R/dmsparse.R biogeo/R/duplicatesexclude.R biogeo/R/errorcheck.R biogeo/R/richness.R biogeo/R/quickclean.R biogeo/R/wclim.R biogeo/R/dmsabs.R biogeo/R/fieldsmissing.R biogeo/R/substddmm.R
biogeo/man/speciescount.Rd biogeo/man/places.Rd biogeo/man/pointsworld.Rd biogeo/man/geo2envpca.Rd biogeo/man/getextent.Rd biogeo/man/modifiedtoday.Rd biogeo/man/getletter.Rd biogeo/man/substddmm.Rd biogeo/man/uniqueformats.Rd biogeo/man/biogeo-package.Rd biogeo/man/alternativesenv.Rd biogeo/man/datm.Rd biogeo/man/rjack.Rd biogeo/man/quickrich.Rd biogeo/man/edat.Rd biogeo/man/missingcoords.Rd biogeo/man/checkdatastr.Rd biogeo/man/richnessmap.Rd biogeo/man/env2stack.Rd biogeo/man/geo2envid.Rd biogeo/man/getformat.Rd biogeo/man/world.Rd biogeo/man/elevcheck.Rd biogeo/man/gbifdat.Rd biogeo/man/plotsetup.Rd biogeo/man/parsecoords.Rd biogeo/man/sep.Rd biogeo/man/duplicatesexclude.Rd biogeo/man/fieldsmissing.Rd biogeo/man/dd2dmslong.Rd biogeo/man/errorcheck.Rd biogeo/man/addmainfields.Rd biogeo/man/dmsabs.Rd biogeo/man/msk60.Rd biogeo/man/coord2numeric.Rd biogeo/man/renamefields.Rd biogeo/man/dat.Rd biogeo/man/richness.Rd biogeo/man/quickclean.Rd biogeo/man/modified.Rd biogeo/man/fmtcheck.Rd biogeo/man/precisionenv.Rd biogeo/man/dmsparse.Rd biogeo/man/missingvalsexclude.Rd biogeo/man/finddecimals.Rd biogeo/man/dem.Rd biogeo/man/alternatives.Rd biogeo/man/dms2dd.Rd biogeo/man/points2shape.Rd biogeo/man/nearestcell.Rd biogeo/man/dd2dmslat.Rd biogeo/man/precisioncheck.Rd biogeo/man/alternatives2.Rd biogeo/man/keepmainfields.Rd biogeo/man/dmsparsefmt.Rd biogeo/man/outliers.Rd biogeo/man/wclim.Rd

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