Man pages for bit64
A S3 Class for Vectors of 64bit Integers

all.equal.integer64Test if two integer64 vectors are all.equal
as.character.integer64Coerce from integer64 Coercing to data.frame column
as.integer64.characterCoerce to integer64
benchmark64Function for measuring algorithmic performance of high-level...
benchmark64.dataResults of performance measurement on a Core i7 Lenovo T410 8...
bit64-packageA S3 class for vectors of 64bit integers
bit64S3Turning base R functions into S3 generics for bit64
cacheAtomic Caching
c.integer64Concatenating integer64 vectors
cumsum.integer64Cumulative Sums, Products, Extremes and lagged differences
duplicated.integer64Determine Duplicate Elements of integer64
extract.replace.integer64Extract or Replace Parts of an integer64 vector
format.integer64Unary operators and functions for integer64 vectors
hashcacheBig caching of hashing, sorting, ordering
hashmapHashing for 64bit integers
identical.integer64Identity function for class 'integer64'
is.sorted.integer64Small cache access methods
keyposExtract Positions in redundant dimension table
match.integer6464-bit integer matching
optimizer64.dataResults of performance measurement on a Core i7 Lenovo T410 8...
plusclassinteger64: Maintaining S3 class attribute
prank(P)ercent (Rank)s
ramsort.integer64Low-level intger64 methods for in-RAM sorting and ordering
rank.integer64Sample Ranks from integer64
rep.integer64Replicate elements of integer64 vectors
runif64integer64: random numbers
seq.integer64integer64: Sequence Generation
sort.integer64High-level intger64 methods for sorting and ordering
sortnutSearching and other uses of sorting for 64bit integers
sum.integer64Summary functions for integer64 vectors
table.integer64Cross Tabulation and Table Creation for integer64
tieposExtract Positions of Tied Elements
uniposExtract Positions of Unique Elements
unique.integer64Extract Unique Elements from integer64
xor.integer64Binary operators for integer64 vectors
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