Man pages for bite
Bayesian Integrative Models of Trait Evolution

Anolis_mapAnolis map of regimes
Anolis_traitsAnolis snout to vent length
Anolis_treeAnolis phylogenetic tree
control_jiveControl tuning parameters of the jive algorithm
format_jive_traitsFormat traits matrix to parse into 'make_jive' function
hpfunHyper-prior function
make_jiveCreate a list that can be used as an input to mcmc_bite
marginal_likCalculate marginal likelihood by thermodynamic integration...
mcmc_biteMCMC algorithm
plot_bfPlots summary of Bayes Factors calculations
plot_hpplot Hyper-prior function
plot_jiveplot input data from a jive object
plot_mcmc_bitePlot trace and density from a log file
plot_post_beastPlot posterior probabilities from beast
plot_pvoPlots estimates of species traits distribution
sim_jiveSimulate JIVE process
sim_mteSimulate MTE process
xml_biteWrite xml file with model
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