bkmr: Bayesian Kernel Machine Regression

Implementation of a statistical approach for estimating the joint health effects of multiple concurrent exposures.

AuthorJennifer F. Bobb [aut, cre]
Date of publication2017-03-24 19:03:01 UTC
MaintainerJennifer F. Bobb <jenniferfederbobb@gmail.com>

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Man pages

CalcGroupPIPs: Calculate group-specific posterior inclusion probabilities

CalcPIPs: Calculate variable-specific posterior inclusion probabilities

CalcWithinGroupPIPs: Calculate conditional predictor specific posterior inclusion...

ComputePostmeanHnew: Compute the posterior mean and variance of 'h' at a new...

ComputePostmeanHnew.approx: Compute the posterior mean and variance of 'h' at a new...

ComputePostmeanHnew.exact: Compute the posterior mean and variance of 'h' at a new...

ExtractEsts: Extract summary statistics

ExtractPIPs: Extract posterior inclusion probabilities (PIPs) from BKMR...

ExtractSamps: Extract samples

InvestigatePrior: Investigate prior

kmbayes: Fit Bayesian kernel machine regression

OverallRiskSummaries: Calculate overall risk summaries

PlotPriorFits: Plot of exposure-response function from univariate KMR fot

PredictorResponseBivar: Predict the exposure-response function at a new grid of...

PredictorResponseBivarLevels: Plot cross-sections of the bivariate predictor-response...

PredictorResponseUnivar: Plot univariate predictor-response function on a new grid of...

print.bkmrfit: Print basic summary of BKMR model fit

SamplePred: Obtain posterior samples of predictions at new points

set_verbose_opts: Options for printing summary of model fit to the console

SimData: Simulate dataset

SingVarIntSummaries: Single Variable Interaction Summaries

SingVarRiskSummaries: Single Variable Risk Summaries

summary.bkmrfit: Summarizing BKMR model fits

SummarySamps: Compute summary statistics

TracePlot: Trace plot


CalcGroupPIPs Man page
CalcPIPs Man page
CalcWithinGroupPIPs Man page
ComputePostmeanHnew Man page
ComputePostmeanHnew.approx Man page
ComputePostmeanHnew.exact Man page
ExtractEsts Man page
ExtractPIPs Man page
ExtractSamps Man page
InvestigatePrior Man page
kmbayes Man page
OverallRiskSummaries Man page
PlotPriorFits Man page
PredictorResponseBivar Man page
PredictorResponseBivarLevels Man page
PredictorResponseUnivar Man page
print.bkmrfit Man page
SamplePred Man page
set_verbose_opts Man page
SimData Man page
SingVarIntSummaries Man page
SingVarRiskSummaries Man page
summary.bkmrfit Man page
SummarySamps Man page
TracePlot Man page

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