Man pages for blscrapeR
An API Wrapper for the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS)

area_titlesDataset containing FIPS codes for counties, states and MSAs.
bls_apiBasic Request Mechanism for BLS Tables
bls_map_countychoropleth mapping of BLS data
bls_map_statechoropleth mapping of BLS data
county_fipsDataset containing FIPS codes for mapping and lookup.
county_map_dataDataset for mapping U.S. counties with a Mercator projection
dateCastCast a date column to data frame returned by the bls_api()...
firstupperInternal function to cast the first letter of a word to...
get_bls_countyA function that returns county-level labor statistics
get_bls_stateA function that returns county-level labor statistics
inflation_adjustConvert the Value of a US Dollar to a Given Year
map_blschoropleth mapping of BLS data
niacsDataset containing NIACS codes for industry lookups.
pipePipe operator
qcew_apiRequest data from the Quarterly Census of Employment and...
quick_employed_levelQuick employed level
quick_employed_rateQuick employed rate
quick_laborForce_levelQuick Civilian Labor Force Level
quick_laborForce_rateQuick Civilian Labor Force Rate
quick_nonfarm_employedQuick total nonfarm employment
quick_unemp_levelQuick unemployment level function
quick_unemp_rateQuick unemployment rate function
search_idsSearch the internal series_id data set.
series_idsDataset containing BLS series ids and descriptions.
set_bls_keyInstall a BLS API Key in Your '.Renviron' File for Repeated...
size_titlesDataset containing size codes for US industries by size.
state_fipsDataset with the lat. / long. of county FIPS codes used for...
state_map_dataDataset for mapping U.S. states
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