Man pages for bnmonitor
An Implementation of Sensitivity Analysis in Bayesian Networks

bn2Integration with '' objects from 'bnlearn'
bnmonitorbnmonitor: A package for sensitivity analysis and robustness...
cachexiaBayesian networks for a cachexia study
chdsChristchurch Health and Development Study
covariance_varStandard variation of the covariance matrix
covariationCo-variation schemes
covariation_matrixCo-variation matrices
fire_alarmBayesian network on fire alarm system
FroFrobenius norm
Fro.CIFrobenius norm for 'CI'
Fro.GBNFrobenius norm for 'GBN'
global_monitorGlobal monitor
influential_obsInfluential observations
JeffreysJeffreys Divergence
Jeffreys.CIJeffreys Divergence for 'CI'
Jeffreys.GBNJeffreys Divergence for 'GBN'
KLKL Divergence Divergence for ''
KL_boundsBounds for the KL-divergence
KL.CIKL Divergence for 'CI'
KL.GBNKL Divergence for 'GBN'
mathmarksMath Marks Data
mean_varStandard variation of the mean vector
model_pres_covModel-Preserving co-variation
node_monitorNode monitors
plotPlotting methods
printPrinting methods
psd_checkCheck for positive semi-definiteness after a perturbation
sensitivitySensitivity function
sensquerySensitivity of probability query
seq_node_monitorSequential node monitors
seq_pa_ch_monitorSequential parent-child node monitors
synthetic_bnA synthetic Bayesian network
synthetic_cbnA synthetic continuous Bayesian network
travelBayesian network on travel survey
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