Man pages for bomrang
Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology ('BOM') Data Client

arrangeObjects exported from other packages
bomrang-packagebomrang: Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology ('BOM')...
filterObjects exported from other packages
get_ag_bulletinGet BOM agriculture bulletin information for select stations
get_available_imageryGet a listing of available BOM satellite GeoTIFF imagery
get_available_radarGet a listing of available BOM radar imagery
get_coastal_forecastGet BOM coastal waters forecast
get_current_weatherGet current weather observations of a BOM station
get_historical_weatherObtain historical BOM data
get_precis_forecastGet BOM daily précis forecast for select towns from BOM
get_radar_imageryGet BOM radar imagery
get_satellite_imageryGet BOM Satellite GeoTIFF Imagery
get_weather_bulletinGet BOM 0900 or 1500 weather bulletin
group_byObjects exported from other packages
manage_cacheManage locally cached bomrang files
mutateObjects exported from other packages
parse_ag_bulletinParse local BOM agriculture bulletin XML file(s) for select...
parse_coastal_forecastParse local BOM coastal waters forecast XML files
parse_precis_forecastParse local BOM daily précis forecast XML file(s) for select...
pipePipe operator
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
renameObjects exported from other packages
selectObjects exported from other packages
sliceObjects exported from other packages
sweep_for_forecast_townsFind nearest BOM forecast towns
sweep_for_stationsFind nearest BOM weather stations
update_forecast_townsUpdate internal database with latest BOM forecast towns
update_station_locationsUpdate internal databases with latest BOM station metadata
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