Man pages for boostr
A modular framework to bag or boost any estimation procedure.

adaboostAggregatorAggregator for the Adaboost.M1 algorithm
adaboostReweighterReweighter function for the Adaboost.M1 algorithm
addDotsExtend a function's signature to include '...'
arcfsAggregatorAggregator for the arc-fs algorithm.
arcfsReweighterReweighter for the arc-fs algorithm.
arcx4ReweighterReweighter for the arc-x4 algorithm.
boostBoost an Estimation Procedure with a Reweighter and an...
boostBackendBoost an estimation procedure with a reweighter and...
boostrBoost (or bag) an estimation procedure with any reweighter or...
boostWithBoostr implemented versions of arc-fs, arc-x4 and AdaBoost.
buildEstimationProcedureBuild a boostr compatible estimation procedure.
defaultOOBPerformanceAnalysisPerform generic out-of-bag error analysis.
extractionFunctionsExtraction functions for boostr object attributes
isClassConstructorcheck if a function is a(n S3) class constructor
kFoldCVGeneric k-fold Cross Validation wrapper
makePredictionsGather predictions from an ensemble of estimators.
predictClassViaVotingPredict a class using (un)weighted voting.
predictResponseFromWeightedAveragePredict a numeric response using (un)weighted averaging.
stockAggregatorsStock aggregators
vanillaBaggerStandard (vanilla) bagging procedure.
wrapAggregatorCreate a boostr compatible wrapper for an aggregator.
wrapPerformanceAnalyzerCreate a boostr compatible wrapper for a performance...
wrapProcedureCreate a boostr compatible wrapper for an estimation...
wrapReweighterCreate a boostr compatible wrapper for a reweighter.
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