adaboostAggregator: Aggregator for the Adaboost.M1 algorithm

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Implements a (parallelized) version of the aggregator described in the Adaboost.M1 algorithm.


adaboostAggregator(estimators, alpha, ..., .parallelPredict = FALSE)



a list of estimators which must produce output in the same response-space. This is usually the output of some reweighter function.


this does nothing – meant to swallow auxillary output from reweighter function.


a boolean indicating if prediction should be carried out in parallel.


a vector (or list) of length equal to the length of estimators. Each entry of alpha acts as a prediction weight for the corresponding estimator.


a function whose sole argument is newdata and whose output is the aggregated predictions of the boosted ensemble, estimators.

For internal bookkeeping, this function is inherits from the 'aggregator' class.

See Also

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