Man pages for bootstrapFP
Bootstrap Algorithms for Finite Population Inference

AntalTille2011_upsAntal and Tillé (2011) Bootstrap for Unequal Probability...
bootstrapFPBootstrap algorithms for Finite Population sampling
bootstrap_weightsBootstrap with Adjusted Weights
define_phiDefine the phi vector
directBS_srsDirect bootstrap methods for simple random sampling
doubled_halfSelect a doubled-half sampling (Antal and Tille', 2014)
generalisedGeneralised Bootstrap
is_wholenumberCheck if a number is integer
one_oneSelect a one-one sampling
over_replacementSelect a simple random sampling with over-replacement
ppBS_srsPseudo-population bootstrap for simple random sampling
ppBS_upsPseudo-population bootstrap for simple random sampling
select_UcSelect the random part of a pseudo-population
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