Man pages for box
Write Reusable, Composable and Modular R Code

add_commentsExtend code regions to include leading comments and...
boxAn alternative module system for R
create_export_blockCollect export tag information
defaultRetrieve a value or a default
fileFind the full file names of files in modules
find_in_pathFind a module’s source location
has_export_tagFind '@export' tags in code regions
helpDisplay module documentation
help-internalHelper functions for the help functionality
importingImport a module or package
infoInformation about a physical module or package
loadedEnvironment of loaded modules
lsfReturn a list of function names in an environment
mod-hooksHooks for module events
nameGet a module’s name
namespaceModule namespace handling
parse_documentationParse a module’s documentation
parse_export_specsFind exported names in parsed module source
parse_export_tagsExtract comment tags from Roxygen block comments
pathGet a module’s path
pathsPath related functions
register_S3_methodRegister S3 methods
rethrowPretty-print error call to be informative for the user.
s3Internal S3 infrastructure helpers
set_script_pathSet the base path of the script
specParse a mod or pkg spec expression passed to 'use'
unloadUnload or reload a given module
useImport a module or package
wrap_unsafe_functionWrap "unsafe calls" functions
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